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Affordable adventure camper trailers for Students

Are you on the edge of your seat when you think about a road trip, but you are on a tight budget? It is not a problem anymore, as we have found seven best camper trailers that will not burn a hole in your pocket. On the contrary, they are quite cheap and save you some money for entertainment. Keep reading to find our top seven camper trailers for long journeys.


If you are on a shoestring budget and do not demand any extraordinary facilities, Do Drop is a perfect choice for you. This is a basic trailer that fits two people and goes in two variants, depending on how much space you need. It is suitable for both highways and off-road trips.


This vehicle is perfect for those, who travel with children, as it fits three people and has additional facilities, like a sink and a stove, so you can cook favourite dishes for your kids. It has a surprisingly luxurious interior for its price, which makes it extremely comfortable. It goes with off-road tires, so you can explore places that are located far from highways and spend some time in a harmony with nature.


This trailer can become the first consideration for those, who look for something like a mobile base camp. It is D.O.C compliant in all states and is technologically advanced. It has handy onboard electronics. Another advantage is its weight: being made of aluminum, it is not heavy, which makes it more mobile


Made in a military style, this trailer is perfect for off-road tracks and places that are hard to reach. Although it does not have beds for sleeping, it has plenty of space for tent and other things that you may need in your journey.

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This is one of the best gears on the market. It has all-terrain tires for off-road journeys, great design, and place for rooftop tent. What is more, it is relatively cheap. Those, who want to save up even more can buy its minimalistic version.


Although it is a bit bigger than other camper trailers in this article, it has its advantages. It is safe and well-protected, as it is made of steel. It has plenty of room to fit kitchen, luggage, camping tents, and other facilities need for a family of up to five members. Thus it has all that is necessary for the comfortable journey.


This is a great choice for admirers of active rest. It does not only stand out from other trailers in this list with great design and interesting style, it also hides several secrets. For example, the rooftop that may look suspicious and a bit strange at the first sight is actually a boat. In addition to that, it has a lot of cool facilities installed. Some of them are a full mattress, cooking galley, and pop-up windows for good ventilation.