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Students find money management just as stressful as exams.

It comes as no surprise that money is a huge issue for most UK university students. After a recent survey, the number of students who claimed that the money issue, in university, was only second to coursework stress. Coursework was number one for stress for the university students followed up by money worries, near with that were exams.

Because of this money issue for university students, the students’ health can deteriorate because of not enough eating the foods which is required to stay healthy. Students cut corners with their diets in order to save money. Students said they worry about not being able to pay back all their fees once they are finished at university. These fees are high and are generally required to be paid back once the student starts work. This is after they have finished university. Because of this, students feel much stressed due to the fact they have such high fees to pay back. They try their best to start saving whilst at the university to speed up the process, making it easier once they have finished their time there.

Of course, this is very hard on the students’ life as there is so much studying to be done while they are at university. They need all their attention to be on their work and making their grades high. If they do so, they can get into their dream jobs. Up to 80% of the students we spoke to, explained they find it extremely hard to make ends meet whilst at the university. This number is huge and tells you the huge amount of pressure university students are going through each year they are studying.

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With this extra pressure added onto students, it is no wonder that exam grades are down, and students are not reaching the targets that are expected from them. In our survey we completed with the students, they explained that coursework was their number one most stressed task with exams and money being tied in second place. Missing family and friends was the third place. After that in the fourth place was making new friends as a stressful aspect of university life.

Students who agreed to participate in our survey explained that living conditions at the university is also a big problem that they struggle with. It is not that easy for them to get used to a new area to live. Seems like a small thing but even that can cause stress and troubles during a study year. It requires too much to be a good and a successful student. Parents and teachers expect young people to adapt quickly, learn how to manage their time, how to deal with stress and worries where there are not relatives and friends around, as well as making their living at the same time when getting prepared for exams.

Get a high grade or make money?

Money is such a big issue for most students, that a lot of young people miss getting high grades. It would be great if in the future somehow the government would be able to bring down the fees for these courses, which would make life a lot smoother for so many students all over the world. All students deal with university in different ways as you can imagine, it is only the stronger students who can deal with the kind of pressure they are under in the university, which really means only the strong students survive at the university.