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Fashion Design Degree in Asia

Getting a degree in Asia becomes more and more popular in our time, and people understand why. Economic reasons play a crucial role in this tendency, and they also affect the sphere of education. In general, the quality of education in many Asian countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, are very high. Besides, higher education covers various programs in different fields. This fact has a positive impact on foreign applicants and attracts them to get a degree, especially Master’s degree, in this part of the world. At the same time a lot of people are interested in unique Asian culture with long and amazing history. That point is appealing not only for tourists, but also for people who have a passion for fashion and style, as they can find some inspiration, get new impressions and experience. Despite the fact that in many higher educational institutions academic year has started yet, there are some programs you can still apply.
Master in Fashion Marketing, Pearl Academy, India. The MA in Fashion Marketing is a good way for students to develop their strategic approach and to learn how solve diverse problems in the fashion business. The program is focused on developing students as future managers and specialists, who have their own direction, keep up with the contemporary fashion at the same time and can work in the fashion sphere in India or abroad. The course lasts two years and takes place in Delhi NCR. Applicants must have graduation or graduate degree in Fashion Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Manufacturing, Retail or Design or experience in fashion sphere at least for 3 years.

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Master in Design (Fashion and Textiles), Pearl Academy, India. It is another Master’s degree program offered by Pearl Academy. The program is developed to create and encourage specific design research in the area students are interested the most, sharpen students’ creativity and ability to be critical, and educate students in order to make them top professionals with lifelong learning skills. Admission requirements are the following: a Graduate Diploma Fashion or Textile Design plus at least 2 years work experience in the relevant field, or Graduate Degree in Fashion/Textile Design, or any Graduation plus 3 years of work experience in Fashion or Textiles business. In general the course lasts for 2 years and takes place in Delhi NCR.

Master program “Informative and Creative Range of Fashion Design”, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia. This full time two-year program is aimed to form and advance competences which are required for work in the sphere of fashion design, marketing and information activities. During the program students get and develop many practical skills that are necessary for successful career. For example, ability to find solutions to design problems according to the basic modern design and fashion issues paying attention to the tendencies of lifestyle in the world; professional academic painting and art graphics skills; ability to create independently the artistic images and many others. After graduation students will be able not only to create not only design projects, but also clothes collection, and even launch their own business.

Double Master Degree in Design, University of Campania (Italy) and Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology (China). This international program is special, as it offers to get a double Master’s degree in Fashion Design at the end of the course. The academic program is developed by two universities, and its general duration is two years. A big part of this time is dedicated to a mobility period abroad, which lasts 1,5 years. In that case students are allowed to enjoy international curriculum and use the resources of the Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology one of the extremely important higher education institutions in the country. Besides, students will get two degree titles, one of which is valid in Italy and another one in China.