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7 most colorful celebrations all around the world

All people know that each country is rich in its variety of traditional celebrations. Here are given 7 most colorful holidays and celebrations in the world, which are really worth to visit for tourists. Let’s be the quest of these amazing activities with us. Write down all peculiarities of these interesting places and charge with really positive energy.

Holi, India

Every spring in India is the Holly Festival, it is the celebration of the coming of spring and a new life. The holiday usually takes place at the end of February and lasts for two days. Many tourists consider the Holi Fest to be one of the brightest and most unusual events. And in some way they are right, a huge number of different powder paints, which showered everyone, who finds himself on the street during the celebration, it is really able to paint in bright colors even the gray weekdays.

La Tomatina Fest, Spain

It is celebrated in Spain one of the most fun and unusual holiday in the world. The famous La Tomatina Festival is held in the city of Bunyol. Every year in the last week of August begins a grand battle of tomatoes, which lasts a week. But that’s not all: the quests of event are expected to have a concert, a fair, a parade dances and salute. It is believed that this fest is held in honor of the patron Saints Louise Bertrand and the Mother of God defender.

Burning Man Festival, Nevada

Burning Man is an annual eight-day event taking place in the USA, Nevada, in the Black Rock desert. The climax of the festival is the burning of a huge wooden statue of a man. The fest is created by the burners themselves, who are called to express the community, art, absurdity and general fun. It is a place of attraction for independent artists and musicians, hippies and freaks of all stripes, inventors, dreamers and romantics. It is assumed here to demonstrates their talents and express themselves.

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Halloween, USA

Halloween is hotly loved by Americans holiday; it is extremely popular among the population of the USA. At the same time, Halloween was not given the status of a state holiday and it wasn’t done as a weekend. Nevertheless, according to the latest Celtic tradition on the last day of October, all Americans in the costumes of evil spirits and frighten passers-by on the streets, ignoring the age and social status. The history of celebrations is full of mysteries and various theories.

The carnival of Venice, Italy

If you are a fan of event tourism, then you cannot ignore one of the most striking activity of Italy – The carnival of Venice. It begins with an ancient spectacle Festa delle Marie and the holiday is dedicated to the liberation of Venetian girls, who were abducted by pirates from Istria. Then the Comedie Del Arte is shown there, in which the world known characters participate. After that tons of confetti falls on the public. City streets are converted into concert venues, fireworks are everywhere and the ball masquerades are held in the old palazzo.

Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day – a holiday that is celebrated on March 17 in memory of Saint Patrick in Ireland. It is believed that St. Patrick brought Christianity to a pagan island and drove our all snakes. In honor of this man, there is arranged a parade with songs and dances and Irish beer flows like river. March 17 – is a holiday not only the Irish Saint, but also for the Irish soul.

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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the world’s sexiest holiday with a whirlpool of colors music and irrepressible fun in early February. Carnival is one of the recognizable symbols of Brazil. It originated in the era of slavery and now it is an international brand. Every year thousands of spectators from all corners of the world come here in order to see this colorful celebration. For many of them this holiday becomes the most unforgettable event for a lifetime.