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7 best countries all around the world

As we know all countries have different quality of life. Many of us constantly ask ourselves “which country is better to live?” There are circumstances that make people to find a different place to live, someone is forced to move abroad in order to improve his/her financial position, someone needs to change the climate for health and someone just wants to find a paradise. Every year, statistics are collected to determine living standards in all countries in the world. It is calculated by complex formulas and takes into account the level of economy, education, life expectancy, freedom of the individual and many other factors. Here we give you 10 best countries all around the world.


It is the country of the large opportunities, where citizens feel themselves comfortably and really enjoy their life.  Australia is located at the other end of the world and it is quite exotic. There is a low unemployment rate and the average life expectancy is 82 years. The residences here are provided with professions in many areas of activity. It is the country with good ecology and well-developed infrastructure. People are so happy to live there.


Norway is one of the most popular countries for both emigrants and tourists. People, who live there, are really lucky and successful. It is the country with a stable economy, a high level of education and the best in the world indicators of social investment. Getting a residence permit here is quite difficult. Locals there are always healthy thanks to high water satisfaction and low air pollution. Living there, people understand what is a true happiness.

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Denmark is the country with beautiful lowland scenery, warm climate, many natural preserves and historic monuments. The form of government is a constitutional monarchy. There are the highest salaries in the world, but prices for food and housing are also quiet high. However, medicine and education are free. Denmark is member of EU. Danes have a high rating in the category of “balance between work and personal life”, only 2 % of citizens say that they work too hard. It is a great satisfaction to live in this country.


Switzerland is the country of cheeses, watches and banks. Despite the small size of the state and the limited resources, the Swiss was able to develop an efficient economy and transform Switzerland into one of the richest and developed countries in the world.  There is very high level of security. For 200 thousand people, there is 1 murder per year. The laws of this country are so severe that even homeless dogs and cats simply don’t exist. And drug addicts, under the federal program, receive housing, food and dose.


Canada has really high standard of living. It is expressed in the high salaries and the low prices, which together provides an excellent purchasing possibility. In Canada people can live well on average salary. The country is also so popular for its mentality. Canadians are very hospitable and benevolent people; they are always ready to help you. Due to the careful attitude to nature, the Canadian living environment can serve as a model for other countries. Thanks to a good ecological situation there is a high level of life expectancy.

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There are a lot of advantages to live in Sweden. The country is respected by immigrants because of its high level of social protection. The primary and secondary education are completely free and medicine for children as well. It is democratic country where every citizen has the right to vote. These conditions make Sweden really conducive to the good life.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its magnificent mountain landscapes, developed animal husbandry and progressive social legislation. There is also the high productivity of labor, the use of the latest achievements in science and technology. However, in the global economy, the country has agricultural and raw material specialization. Life there is a great success for everyone!