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Earning Money Being a Student

In this category you can find ways to earn money being a students, saving and giving lessons and other possible method to afford you more.

Brief Guide to Starting Your Career as a Freelance Language Tutor
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The best thing about any freelance job is that you can choose and change your load yourself, you can choose the projects you like, and can even combine it with your full-time job. Here are our ten steps to begin tutoring as a freelancer. Pick the language you want to teach. Think carefully about your […]

Essay on How to Earn Money with a part-time Job
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Today you don’t necessarily have to work full-time to be able to earn for living. There are plenty of ways to get paid for an easy job, sometimes without even leaving your dorm! Become Uber driver Well, to perform that job, you must have a driver’s license and be an experienced and confident driver. Besides, […]

Grads of Small Colleges Earn As Much As Top Schools’ Grads
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Are you one of those who think that only studying at elite college will ensure your high salary after graduation? Are you adamant that for a great career the only thing that you need is a Yale diploma? Studying at the unknown college is a no-no for you and you think of this as of […]

Jaguar seeking Student Engineers to Design Software
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When you want to talk about magnificent looking cars then the Jaguar will certainly come to mind. Jaguar has been known to produce very many different and fine models of cars in the past. Now they are giving students in the fields of computer science, electronics or software engineering the opportunity to be able to […]

The Best Sites Where to Buy or Sell a Car for Students
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The List of Top Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car There is a list of top sites where any buyer or seller can find what they want. eBay Motors eBay is probably the most popular online market where you can buy/sell all stuff. If it goes to vehicles, you can use eBay Motors to […]