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Essay on How to Earn Money with a part-time Job

Today you don’t necessarily have to work full-time to be able to earn for living. There are plenty of ways to get paid for an easy job, sometimes without even leaving your dorm!

Become Uber driver

Well, to perform that job, you must have a driver’s license and be an experienced and confident driver. Besides, it may be required to know the city pretty well even though everyone uses navigators today. Also, you must have access to a car (the one that you own or can borrow). So, if none of these points fit you, just skip this option. But if they fit, becoming an Uber driver will allow you to have a flexible schedule that you plan yourself and earn pretty decent money.

Freelance remote jobs

Here it all depends on your level of proficiency. If you are good at something (for example, writing, editing, mathematics, or any other subject), why not try yourself as a freelance writer? There are many online writing agencies that are in need of experienced writers and they do accept students, too. To prove your level of skills, you will have to pass a short test, but if you pass, you will be able to have a stable job and combine it with your studying.

Online tutor

This position is similar to the previous one, however, here it is all about teaching others the subject you are good at. If you have never done that before, you can start by joining one of the online platforms that hire remote tutors, otherwise, there is an option for you to try and find pupils on your own.

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It could be a great opportunity for you to get out of the dorm for several days and even get paid for that! Quite many people are looking for young college-aged students to look after their homes when these folks are away from town. You may be asked to perform some light housekeeping chores (like sweeping the dust or watering flowers) or look after the pets, but still, this is a nice way to earn money without big effort.

Run errands for elderly people

Not all seniors can afford themselves to hire a nurse or someone professional to take care of them. Instead, you could do a good thing and offer your help with some daily errands like shopping, going to the pharmacy, helping about the house or taking an old lady or gentleman to church or hospital if needed.

Filling out online surveys

If you can’t or don’t want to work outside your campus, there is a chance to earn money without even leaving your room. Many companies need feedback from their customers in order to improve their services and products. Answering online surveys can bring you quite good money, however, you have to be careful and avoid those surveys that are fake. The best what you can do is to learn more about this option and try to find someone who has already done that before successfully.


Well, this option can work in case you are really good at and passionate about something and you can make others interested in it, too. Specific interests and narrow topics will hardly make your blog earn money for you.

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Selling on eBay

Yes, that may sound silly, but if you have plenty of things that are still good-looking and can be used, why not sell them? Clothes, books, and comics, toys, and figurines, electronic devices – there are plenty of things that you can sell online. If you happen to have something old or unique, something rare or antique, that’s even better! Only make sure that what you sell is not broken, torn, dirty or not too worn (if it’s clothes).

Become a secret shopper

If you have always wanted to try yourself as a secret agent, that’s your chance! As a secret shopper, you will have to visit different public places like shops, cafes, pubs, etc. and check how they work. The main idea of each task is to check the service of a public institution and write a short survey. And get paid for it!