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Bootcamp for Students, Who Want to Learn Code: Summer Session 2019

In 2019, Yale and Flatiron school present a summer session for students, who would like to keep up with the latest trends of science and industry and wan to study web development and software engineering. Students from all corners of the world will have a chance to enter the program and learn coding in one of the most advanced bootcamps ever. Institutions provide financial assistance to let students improve their knowledge in programming in the best academic environment.

The course supported by the best tutors from Yale and Flatiron will last for ten weeks. Students will study such languages as Ruby and JavaScript deeply, improving their knowledge of both back- and front-end development. In addition to this, many other courses will be included into the program. Previous experience in coding is welcomed, but not necessary. To become a participant of the bootcamp, learners will have to deal with a lengthy online task, that takes about 100 hours to let the admission committee check their current level of knowledge. However, even if you are a liberal arts student, who wants to expand horizons, you have all chances to pass. This is the main point of the bootcamp.

Today, code-related spheres are developing quickly. The labor market is growing day after day and the demand for smart programmers is higher than for any other professions. What is more, some companies are looking for employees with a minimal coding background for non-technical job positions. The salaries for computer science experts are growing, too.

Today, coding has gone far beyond technical industry. It us used almost everywhere, from logistics to healthcare. Flatiron and Yale staff claims that they want to encourage more and more talented students to learn code and apply their skills in many ways in the future. Digital competence is important for the representatives of all spheres of knowledge and therefore Yale and Flatiron are willing to expand elite science education around the world. They welcome students with all imaginable academic degrees and spheres of interest to work together and get an access to the best IT education.

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Yale and Flatiron: a perfect collaboration

Yale and Flatiron decided to unite their capabilities and help students achieve success in fundamentals of digital fluency. The main idea of this collaboration is to make computer science education achievable, simple, and clear. Even those students, who are studying Linguistics, Architecture, or Literature can become members of the program and get sufficient knowledge in the sphere of software engineering. Yale and Flatiron are ensured that such skills are absolutely necessary for all spheres of human activity today. The situation on the job market shows that young specialists with high awareness of coding are the most valued job candidates today.

The admission model is created by Yale. The School’s staff expect a high demand for this program, therefore future members are required to complete an admission test before getting on board. First, they will have to compose an application letter, where they are going to explain the reasons why they want to enter the program. Next, students will complete a task to show their current skills (this is necessary to help the administration form a group of students, who have equal level). The last stage of the admission process is an interview with Yale’s committee. Those students, who have been accepted, will have to complete a number of training tasks before the studying begins. The price for a course is $8,200 + $75 application fee. If you are a Yale student, who already gets financial help from your institution, you will get a discount for studying. The discount covers 50% of tuition.

After ten weeks of learning, students’ results will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by Yale and Flatiron professors. They will pay attention to outcomes and completion students achieved during their studying and make their future plans for new educational programs according to that data. Hopefully, the bootcamp will pass successfully and we will see even more amazing offers from Yale and Flatiron in 2020!