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Easy Steps How to Write Successful Academic Essay

The academic essay is not only representation of your ideas, but also some thoughts that are necessary for understanding the question. When we talk about the academic essay we know that there are certain rules that have to be followed. In this article, you will learn everything you should know to become a confident writer of the academic essays.

Types of the Academic Essays

Every type of academic essay has its own unique purpose. But, what they have in common is the similar structure. There are four types of academic essays, namely, narrative, persuasive, descriptive and expository.

When it comes to the persuasive and expository essays, we can notice that they are usually presented in the university curriculum. This is due to the fact that these two types more objective and scientific.

The narrative and descriptive ones are more creative and, consequently, subjective. Now, let’s take a look at each of them.

What is Narrative Essay?

This type of essay requires creating some compelling story on any subject that the one can imagine. This is like a very compressed version of a novel. Your task is to reveal the creative abilities, using the strong adjectives that will help you to paint the picture of the story which you’re going to present.

Writing the compelling story is not the only task of the narrative essay, you have to deliver the point to the audience which is ‘written between the lines’.

That means that after reading your essay the one should get the clear message you try to convey. The message has to be written alongside the whole essay, so the reader will want to read to the end. Only that way they can understand the problem and theme fully.

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Descriptive Essay

This type is pretty similar to the narrative essay, as it requires the author to write a creative story with a compelling plot. Briefly speaking, the author chooses the issue, idea or noun and describes it to the reader. The same like with the narrative essay, the descriptive one should draw an image of the story in reader’s head.  It is vital to choose the powerful words that will help you to connect the reader to the problem presented in the essay.

Persuasive Essay

In this type, you can feel like a real salesman. Your task is to sell your opinion on some topic to the reader. The way of presenting your thoughts should be impeccable. The reader has to fully trust you, having no doubts that you’re right and express only the truth. Don’t show your selling tactics, otherwise, the reader won’t trust, hide your motives behind the lines. Defending an argument in the persuasive essay takes logical or emotional tactics. Sometimes the author uses both, depending on the information they try to argue.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is the type of the essays where students cannot reveal their opinions on things. The main goal of the expository essay is to inform and educate the reader about a particular issue. A good-quality paper should be based on analysis that has factual information on the topic.

Writing the persuasive essay requires explaining some notion, issue, problem, phenomena, using facts and reliable information.

Interesting Academic Essay Topics

It is naturally that topics vary according to the type of the essay. Sometimes you can use the same topic in several types, but you should be really careful, as the object varies always.

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According to this, here is the list of good academic topics for each type of the academic essay.

Narrative Essay Topics

  • Write about the passion that helps you to be motivated and active. The thing your life would be empty without.
  • Describe a thing that teaches the reader about the significance of integrity and honesty.
  • Create the story that shows how valuable the hard work is.

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Write what you think about the notion of love.
  • Come up with the story about a genius. What are their main characteristics?
  • Talk about a successful person, and how did she/he win the lucky ticket?

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should the USA government implement the gun control policy?
  • Choose the side and provide an argument to your story on the subject of the death penalty.
  • How can we avoid children poverty?
  • What are the ways of better treating of the animals?

Expository Essay Topics

  • How does the media influence the way people interact with each other and communicate?
  • Why do people in 21 century still have some forms of racism?
  • What are the strategies for preventing the Earth from the global warming?

Structure of the Academic Essay

The structure of the academic essay requires you to have the knowledge about MLA Style Essay and other formatting peculiarities. Usually, it consists of five paragraphs, namely, introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and conclusion.  There are popular Tricks Used By the Students to make their process of writing easier when it comes to an academic essay.

We hope the information is useful to you, and you will improve your writing skills using these simple tips. You can also use custom writing to get the assistant on any type of the essay.