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College cooking. Easy ways to make snacks

7 quick and easy meals for college students

The first rule you should remember when you cook on campus is that microwave can become a student’s friend in a fraction of a second. The secret to a healthy meal is to alternate between eating out and making food for yourself. For those days when you don’t feel like visiting the nearest cafeteria and prefer to stay at home, we’ve prepared a few tips:

  1. Eggs. You’d probably think that cooking eggs in a microwave is impossible, but we are here to prove you wrong. Starting from scrambled eggs that are considered to be a traditional meal for the morning to poached eggs and fried ones, you can choose the type you want, depending on personal preference and the knowledge of recipes. You can also try to prepare eggs Florentine, which are probably the most sophisticated in terms of cooking.
  2. Ramen. Ramen earned a name of a typical student’s food because they are cheap and easy to cook. Besides, when you go to the local supermarket and have a shopping list with you, you always know you are going to save money for this meal. They produce a lot of flavors, the most popular ones being chicken ramen and classic noodle. Besides, ramen taste okay and can be cooked when you are getting ready to pass a test or academic writing, because they allow you to concentrate on your tasks and skip the preparation process.
  3. “Fashion” ramen. Last week, celebrities like Kylie Jenner made a post on Instagram, devoted to the new type of ramen, called “fashion ramen”, or “fancy noodle”. Basically, this is your typical snack, except they add powder, butter and egg to the standard list of toppings. The trend went viral, and now more and more students experiment with their food and rush to the local malls to grab an egg and garlic bread and make that “fashion noodle” dinner.
  4. Pasta. Pasta is full of carbohydrates that you need for effective body work and keeping your energy level high. Besides, it is fairly easy to cook. Go to the local store to buy a semi-prepared package and enjoy the taste as you add water, place it in a bowl and top the pasta with a traditional Italian sauce. If you are not a fan of classic Mediterranean dishes, you can skip the part and opt for a more casual flavor.
  5. Mug desserts. Cookies and brownies seem like an easy deal if you have a microwave and know how to handle it. Some students admit that they buy pre-prepared foods because they don’t have an opportunity to cook dough themselves, and that should not be considered a problem, as they have some pretty fair deals waiting for you in the bakery department. Mug desserts do not require much effort and it usually takes a few minutes to put the brownies in the microwave. Scrumptious taste is guaranteed if you add chocolate to the final form or opt for vanilla flavoring.
  6. Pizza bagel. If you have never tried pizza bagel before, you know it’s time to experiment with your eating plan. The recipe is simple: you take a bagel and cut it in half. Spread each half with pepperoni, tomato sauce and mozzarella (make sure you have the best one available on a limited budget, because it can change the taste greatly) and put it into a microwave for about a minute. You do not need to be a chef to handle the scheme, and the cooking process is extremely easy.
  7. Popcorn seasoning. Popcorn has always been a number one snack for a night with your roommate, so you don’t need to miss a chance of a late movie session and seasoning of your choice. Among the most popular flavors are chicken wings, nachos, caramel, cinnamon sugar and coconut. There are plenty of other toppings that can make your dinner experience unforgettable, such as white cheddar popcorn, but it should be eaten with oil to ensure the ideal taste.