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Useful Guide on How to Create an Excellent Death Penalty Essay

A Death Penalty Essay – Helpful Writing Tips

A proper essay structure it is the first thing you should pay attention to. You are required to follow the clear five-paragraph structure while writing the paper. It is necessary to provide a striking introduction that should include a thesis statement with the last “hook” sentence that transfers your reader to the body paragraphs where all given thesis should be justified and the conclusion where you summarize the main points. What about the death penalty? From time immemorial, it is considered to be the most controversial topic for discussion generating different viewpoints. Today, when we hear the word Death, it causes the most unpleasant, terrified and empty feelings at the same time. Before proceeding to the assignment, come up with all possible angles you may perform the topic.
If you are asked to create the death penalty essay, you should decide whether you’ll write in favor or against the claim. Your personal attitude to the death penalty depends on which side you’ll comfortable with. Once you’ve chosen the right side, it’s time to deeply research the topic looking for the testimonies of your claim. The clear developed paper outline will be the best guide on how to properly structure the essay. One of the most important aspects contains some short background knowledge and influence of the problem. Keep in mind, the great essay needs to support its claim using facts and statistics.

How to start

Developing an excellent essay introduction, the writer should represent the issue to be discussed utilizing the descriptive words to draw reader’s attention within the first sentence. Use a background information here followed by a solid thesis to give an understanding of what the essay will talk about. As you write the introductory part, select which side you are for. Your potential readers should know if your paper is against the death penalty or for it. Make this paragraph fairly simple because more detailed are waiting for you a little bit further. Just four or five sentences are more than enough here.

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How to write body

The essay body has to include several paragraphs to give more reasons behind the essay statements. Consider here the death penalty pros and cons, get to know what is definitely death penalty. Find a lot of anecdotes and facts to engage people to think through the ideas you offer. There must be at least three paragraphs in the body of the paper, but it may continue as long as necessary. Moreover, each paragraph should implicate death penalty statistics or other convincing information. For instance, you may investigate how many innocent people have been sentenced to death if you’re for the cancellation of capital punishment. Maybe you’re arguing for the death penalty, then revise the statistics for repetitive felonies and the cost of housing criminals with life sentences.

How to conclude

Sum up everything you’ve said above, in other words, to reword your thesis statement and then provide a closing statement. Remember the conclusion should be relatively brief, no more than five sentences long. This paragraph introduces the final remarks and convinces readers why the problem is in need of their attention.
Before submitting your death penalty argumentative essay to the teacher or professor, you have to go back over and proofread it again. Make sure that the paper is well structured and all requirements are taken into consideration, it is really important. Such type of paper can stir up strong emotions, so be ready for this, no matter which side you’ve decided to follow.