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Things about High School, you were not aware of

15 Myths You Probably Believe About High School

High school is an evitable part of everyone’s life on the way to adult being. It can be the time of fun or disappointments, new friends and new knowledge. Anyhow, we all go thought this period and receive definite experience and memories for the whole life. Many of us are supposed to have some beliefs and already rooted opinions in regard to it. Below you can find the most commonly believed facts that are just opposite in reality.

You need to be active at every class to get good marks

Most often it is believed that you need to make a great preparation for each class and to learn all the staff to get “excellent”. Yes, quite true, but not always so. You can get high marks for other criteria and activity, such as expression of ideas, creative essay or a productive discussion of a topic.

High school time is the most interesting part of your life

Probably, this is one of the most commonly spread myth. We always hear “enjoy your high school time while you can, as it is the best time”, but in reality most of us are happy, when all these things are already survived through and in the past.

The friends from high school time are the best

Actually, the most realistic scenario is that you will see these people only at the alumni mix to speak about what everyone’s job is and how many kids they have.

High school parties are the awesome

Maybe if it is related to some “special” institutions for rich kids this is really true, but for an average school this is just a place with simple decorations and loud popular music around.

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Prom is the most important part of school life

After watching movies for youth we believe that prom is such an important event that should be thought through from the first days. But actually it is a usual event that will remain only on the pages of your school album.

Being involved in sports makes you famous and successful

This is another myth taken by us from pop films. Of course it is true for very rare cases, when you are really talented sportsman, but for others it is just a way to spend time in gym, not at home or with friends.

Teacher is some mysterious person that exists only behind school walls

For most of students a teacher is a person, who lives only at school and he or she cannot be imagined to have own life and interests. We treat them only as those, who stand at the blackboard and make us read books.

Exact sciences are the most important ones

We are all different and in modern world any kind of skills connected with this or that science are valued. Talented writer can earn not less than a skilled programmer.

You will be successful, if you are A level student

No doubt, excellent marks will help you in future, but not always the one, who gets excellent really knows it so. Many people are successful due to their talents, charisma and other sills.

Each one’s locker is like second home

You are lucky if the lock at your locker works fine or the door has no holes. It is hardly that you wish to leave something valuable there.

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High school is great for its holidays

Yes, it is true that during this period of life you will have a number of holidays, but you will spend them to prepare for the next period and extra learning.

Guidance counselors can decide for you

They really can advise you in many points, but you are the only one, who know best what to do and how. They will definitely apply the standard approach for you and speak that you already know.

Study course can be fun

You probably think that you can chat with your friends or entertain yourself during breaks, but actually you will bring this time to prepare to next classes.

At high school you can get many friends

Yes, you will spend much time with a lot of new people, but most of them will be just there, because they have to and for them you are a competitor in chase after high marks.

College is the only wise option after high school

Nobody contradicts that higher education is very important, but you can have plenty of opportunities in your life even without this one.