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The Best YouTube Channels for Students

You can find plenty of useful videos on YouTube; this resource is not limited to just fashion and cute kittens. There is some exceptional content on YouTube, whether you are looking for materials on cooking, news, science, nature, or anything else. The best thing is that you do not need to pay to watch YouTube. We have created this list of 8 YouTube channels that can be useful for every student, providing much entertainment during these strange times.

The School of Life

This channel is dedicated to people who want to live calmer lives and worry less. The collective is based online and in 10 physical hubs around the world. It is lead by psychologists, philosophers, and writers. You can find videos here that will help you improve relationships and social connections, understand yourself better, become more motivated. Actually, you can find something for pretty much every subject you can think of. The School of Life is excellent for general positivity.

Lydia Violeta

Her channel consists of university vlogs and multiple useful pieces of advice. You can use a lot of hints and tips from there. Additionally, Lydia shares her student meal tutorials so that you can maintain a healthier diet. She knows how to motivate students and make them get prepared for the week ahead.


This is the official YouTube channel of the largest food network in the world. With Tasty, you can significantly improve your culinary skills since this channel provides a lot of delicious recipes. They help connect food lovers. If cooking meals yourself is a struggle for you, subscribe to this channel! They have really tons of videos with thousands of recipes suited for everybody.

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First We Feast

Sean Evans asks celebrity guests juicy questions. The thing is, every guest has to brave spicy hot chicken wings as they are answering the questions. The concept may seem to be quite simple, but the show is really amusing. Sean Evans asks such interesting questions that viewers are just dying to know the answers for. We definitely recommend you to subscribe to this channel that can help you relax after long hours of studying.


This is a perfect channel for all gamers. The content mostly consists of game reviews for the most recent products, with some helpful info. Most of the videos are quite long. You can view these videos when you want to switch your mind from studying for some time.

Tea Spill

On this channel, you will find the latest gossips! It covers drama between big names like Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star. If you are subscribed to this channel, you will not miss anything out. Tea Spill is mainly for beauty guru fans.


Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor. She has plenty of equipment-free tutorials, which means you can do your workouts at home without spending money on gym equipment. Here, you can find anything from a 14-minute total body pilates class to a 30-minute butt shaping workout. It is a great channel to keep you motivated and fit. Blogilates is 100% focused on you. With Cassey, you will look amazing and feel amazing by finding joy in fitness.


Everyone out there who has a passion for traveling must subscribe to Vagabrothers, two wanderlust-fuelled brothers who aim to see the world. They make their videos in the style of an aesthetically pleasing documentary in various locations across the globe. Vagabrothers keep the viewers entertained, so you will enjoy the channel whether you want to travel in the future or are simply curious.