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Top Religious Studies Degree Programs

A lot of people will agree that religion is one of the most complicated majors to study as it requires not only in-depth knowledge of various religious systems, but also strong interest in philosophy and history of human being. On the condition you feel this is your cup of tea, you should think of applying for a degree in religious studies. For that reason, we prepared some list of on-campus and online programs. Go through it, some programs may strike your eye.

On-campus programs

University of California, Berkley offers extremely good program for students who are not so experienced in religion and have lack of their own background in this sphere. However, this is only one side of the coin, in order to show good results in the future, applicants are required to be successful at high school, have high GPAs, great history of employment, volunteerism, and extracurricular activities. Don’t forget about submitting test results, official transcripts and recommendations from your teachers and counselor. In that way students will be able to provide intercultural and interdisciplinary approach to a subject and use their knowledge of the liberal arts to learn religious studies as a major.

The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg is a perfect place for those who appreciate freedom in education. There are many options for students of religious studies program to choose from, that’s why everybody can find some particular religion or an area in it to explore. Being a student of the college you will have courses on Biblical and Judaic Studies, Religious Ethics, American and Asian Religions, Studies in Islam, Western History and Thought.

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University of California, Santa Barbara has one of the best Religious Studies programs in the country. Faculty staff specializes not only in world religions, but also in tribal ones. Students who are open to adventures and new experiences have a chance to feel advantages of studying abroad. The program is divided into several options and combines territorial and religious approach to their division. For example, you will be able to learn South Asian traditions, East Asian traditions, Jewish, Islamic, and Near Eastern traditions and other necessary things.

Illinois Wesleyan University, located in Bloomington, is a higher educational institution where the main focus is on Biblical studies. Students learn more about religious tolerance and pluralism, American Jewish thought and so on. Such a narrow field doesn’t mean that students can’t explore religious beliefs and traditions of other cultures.

Grinnell College offers Religious Studies program that aims to make students understand in what way religion impact on mankind and how broad and diverse religious practices are. There are two main areas of the curriculum on which students can focus their coursework Western Religions and Asian Religions. Moreover, students are not forbidden to work in both directions, if they want.

Online programs

American Public University gives an excellent opportunity to get a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Religion online for $270 per credit hour. The online program offers a good basis to study cultural, political, and spiritual aspects in order to understand the nature of religion and religious practices.

Athens State University created a relevant and up-to-date online program in Religion that involves the study of religious theory, philosophy, and practice. The university lets students to focus on some specific area, such as Christian belief systems, or pay attention to world religions in general.

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Arizona State University offers a program everyone will find appealing, as it allows students to study deeply only areas they are interested in. Students are free to explore their major whenever they need and in the most appropriate way.

Saint Leo University offers online program after which you can be BA in Religious Studies. Christian teachings are the central area of the program, and students can follow their needs within it. You may be free to choose when and where to study, but you should remember about deadlines during the week for essays, research papers and other assignments.

Regent University has two online programs in Religious Studies. For the first one you will get a Bachelor Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, and for the second one a Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry. Students at the university can ask for help from experienced and well-trained mentors and advisors who are always ready to help them.