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Getting Lost. See the Island Paradise

Being estranged on an island is the universal dream of the generation that is used to overcrowded spaces and dusty offices. If you can’t afford to get lost right away, we are ready to present some of the most impressive options that exist in the world:

  1. Cayman Islands. If there is a low key destination that will help you get away from it all, it is definitely Cayman Islands. Basically, it is an archipelago with three islands, 90 miles south of Cuba.

For all the fans of diving and water sport, it is a dream destination. The coral reef area is simply amazing, and the wildlife of Cayman Islands never ceases to impress you. Moreover, there is this famous place called Seven Mile Beach, where you can meet up with friends and have a nice swim in the crystal clear waters!

  1. Santorini, Greece. Twinkling sea and black sands make Santorini a popular destination among tourists, who would love a bit of Greece in their lives. Moreover, this charming island has a lot to offer to the newcomer, and the white streets immediately catch the eye of an inexperienced traveler.

Santorini is generally considered to be a perfect place for the honeymooners, as you often see couples strolling down the streets with their eyes full of love for all humanity. In case you are not one of them, you can definitely enjoy the wine and the food, both of which are amazing, compared to the highly indigestible Asian delicacies (did not mean to insult locust lovers, anyway).

  1. Crete, Greece. Here is another exotic destination, hidden among the high mountains. Two kinds of people come here for a visit: the ones to enjoy the shorelines, and the historians, looking for the Minoan heritage.
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These two types never meet, but you can spot them either baking in the sun for hours, or exploring what is left of the ancient civilization, which is kind of sad as well. If you are not the type to climb the peaks in the scorching heat, you can enjoy a cuppa in the nearest café, which is always a good choice!

  1. Palawan, Philippines. In case you are looking for a place that is not crowded with ubiquitous tourists with their nasty cameras and what not, Palawan is the name. It is surrounded by emerald waters, which shine in the sun, and the jagged cliffs jut out like giant fingers for you to wonder. You get this strange surreal feeling as if you are in a movie, and it doesn’t stop until you fall in love with the place.

According to the locals, Palawan is an ideal destination for those, who just want to get lost. The timelessness that it gives and the vibes coming from those tranquil, turquoise waters can hypnotize anyone! Besides, if you love to be on the extreme side of things, there is a stretch of green woods waiting to be explored at the foot of the mountain. Dare to try a hiking tour?

  1. Maui, Island in Hawaii. This is the destination that is talked about and dreamed of most when it comes to describing the perfect holiday place. Maui has a lot to offer to the ones, who are not afraid.

You can climb a volcano, reach the highest mountain peak or go diving in the deep blue waters. There is also a party area for the beach lovers, who don’t want volcanos interrupting their daily activities, and the cocktail places stretching across the sandy shore in case diving seems too complicated and tough for your regular summer itinerary.