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Are Students Getting Everything They Are Expecting From Their Marketing Degrees?

More and more people are considering a career in the marketing profession these days. But the question is whether universities are able to provide students with all the essential knowledge and skills that the sphere of business requires. According to some research findings, most universities fail at balancing theory and practice thus decreasing their students` chances of getting hired.


 Some experts claim that existing marketing courses are just not fit for purpose because of their archaic curricula that don`t correspond to the needs of modern society.Fortunately, some of the most famous marketing companies such as Mastercard are doing their best to modify these curricula so that students could understand the core principles of modern business affairs.

The problem is that employers are looking for talented marketers who possess the subject-specific skills that fit their business best. However, universities teach students a set of core transferable skills that can be applied at all times. It is worth to remember that the tempo of change in marketing is constantly quickening. More interesting, however, is the fact that the ability to master and exploit change has become one of the most thought-after management skills. We should clearly understand that every organization has unique requirements so it is just impossible for universities to train every student for a specific role. Universities are not bound to provide solutions for a company. All that university teachers and professors can do is:

  • teach students critical thinking to be able to solve complex issues of modern business;
  • teach students all essential transferable skills;
  • develop lifelong learners that are willing to change;
  • teach students to explore the thinking that underpins marketing strategies.
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Is it important to review the curriculum every year?

It is very important to consistently assess the relevance of the course curriculum since marketing is a rapidly evolving area. Universities often try to add something new to the syllabus. So, what`s being taught in modern marketing courses? You can study such programs as:

  • CRM and CMR software
  • Email marketing software
  • Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Social media management software and analytics
  • BSc Marketing and Design

Though certain modern curriculums are surprising in their course diversity, the learning still seems to come primarily from on –the-job.

Are the universities looking for new assessment methods?

Top universities for the study of marketing such as Leeds University and Bath University are ready to move beyond just exams and coursework to new forms of assessment. Currently, they are exploring a variety of different ways to measure its students` progress. Portfolios, online blogs, videos, group short films, and writing a column are some of them. Educators should try to evaluate students` knowledge through forms of assessment that will engage them.

 Why to study marketing?

  • Marketing plays an important role in the development of the economy;
  • Marketing contributes to providing better products and services;
  • Marketing helps the business in ensuring its success in the long run;
  • Marketing helps in making products available at all places and throughout the year;
  • Marketing helps the business in meeting competition most effectively;
  • Marketing helps the business to keep pace with the changing fashions, tastes, and preferences of the customers.