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Professional Skills That Will Give You a Head Start

The job market is crowded. So many young professionals are trying to enter their field right after graduation, and stepping ahead of the competition is hard. Yet, there are skills valued by every recruiter, and you should be aware of them to increase your chances for a job. The list includes both hard skills (competence-related abilities) and soft skills (social). Both are crucial. Let’s discuss what exactly is in demand today to give a clearer picture of the modern job market.


For an average person, programming and coding are somber woods. However, it doesn’t mean that you have no transferrable or coding-related skills, even if you have never written a single line of code in your life. Programming is more than just knowing syntax and commands. This field also includes:

  • Problem-solving

A programmer should know how to approach a particular project. It is impossible to tackle something new or unusual if you know the commands and formulas only. Also, you are required to be a real problem-solver able to elicit a project from the dead end.

  • Attention

You need to be attentive when writing your own code, but also, you will have to analyze the lines written by someone else and identify mistakes. In general, finding and fixing bugs is one of the core responsibilities of a programmer.

  • Communication

A stereotypical programmer is a computer geek. Most people believe that coders are anti-social and even a bit strange. Even though some of them might have troubles with socialization, it is hard to say that this is a common trait for them all. In fact, explaining and discussing their work with people who are not programmers is vital for people of this profession. An ability to explain what you do and develop more efficient methods in a team can optimize numerous work processes.

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Of course, if you have the skills described above but don’t know any Python or Java, you will hardly get a job as a programmer. However, they will definitely help everyone willing to become a programmer and what is more – give you a competitive advantage in the future.

Project management

Project managers are not only people from the office. Being one means that you used to lead a project and did some organizational stuff. Even if you have no experience being a project manager in a particular company, you might be aware of core management skills developed during a group project at college or university.

The list of related skills includes planning, communication, time management, idea generation, etc. These skills give you an advantage over other candidates because it means that you can potentially progress in your career and control your own team.

Big data

Big data is everywhere. Statistics are used in all spheres of our life, from healthcare and politics to business and everyday life. People value facts, and the best way to get them is big data. However, stats are nothing in case you have no idea what do they mean. You may have the numbers, but they are useless without interpretation.

Big data analysis allows organizations to draw conclusions from their performance, improve their strategy, and make predictions. Interpreted data is used to understand tendencies and combat possible issues or mistakes. Such information leads to better decision-making, which results in a maximal win and minimal loss.

To learn big data analysis, one should be critical but also – creative and communicative. Not only you should know the technical part and operate the formulas correctly. Also, you should be able to come up with creative solutions and know how to explain them. Communicating your findings is no less important than inventing decisions. A professional data analyst should also be attentive to details and know how to use software like Microsoft Excel, Xplenty, and Microsoft HDInsight.

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Social media for business

Brands strive to become more “humane” and learn to have a flair with audiences on a personal level. That is why they actively move to social media and use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their offers. These platforms have advertising and analytical tools every company needs. It doesn’t matter what you are selling – you just cannot do that without social media today. Due to the social platforms, companies raise brand awareness, attract new audiences, generate traffic, and optimize their strategies.

Social media marketing includes numerous layers, like copywriting, SEO, design, etc. Today, these skills are valuable no matter which positions you are trying to get. Even if none of these skills are your core abilities, you might have used them for your own benefit before. For example, if you have a personal blog, then you already know the basics of copywriting and SEO. It is a good idea to add a line about your blog in a CV – this information can help you get a job.


While programming, big data, social media management, and project management need experience and professional skills, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any transferrable or relevant abilities at the moment. When it comes to a job search, you should consider your basic skills and see if you can add them to your CV. Leadership, problem-solving, attention to detail and communication abilities make your candidature stand out from the crowd.