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Summer days. Festivals you need to visit

Top 6 festivals in the world you need to go to

For all the passionate travelers around the world, we are glad to present a shortlist of music festivals, which are known for their wild tunes, crazy beats and eccentric costumes. Finally, there is a place you can go to again and again to feel the atmosphere and positive vibes. Meeting new people has never been so entertaining!

  1. Coachella. Adored by movie stars and pop singers across America, Coachella is a festival where you can meet celebrities without having to wait in line. Here, Madonna and Jay Z can appear out of nowhere, shake your hand and drive off into the sunset! Named the place where dreams come true, this music venue features an impressive scene, paired with massive decorations that make the desert look like a small oasis, and hundreds of like-minded people, who are obsessed with hippie lifestyle. If you feel that bohemian streak present in you, it’s time to book tickets for Coachella.
  2. Austin City Limits. Initially a fest for local performers only, Austin City Limits gradually expanded to become a music festival for singers and artists across the United States. It doesn’t matter whether you are from Chicago or New York – fresh-faced performers and seniors are equally welcome. In addition to that, you have a chance to become famous by participating in Austin City Limits music contest, where judges are going to assess your personal talents and dedication to singing.
  3. Sziget. This high energy place is going to fill you with all kinds of impressions, as it is held at exotic island with amazing scenery and locations. Young people from around the world book their tickets to Sziget ahead of time, because they know it is going to be a fantastic experience. Participate in the wild atmosphere of the venue and bring some friends to kick up your heels to the crazy tunes of contemporary music. It makes no difference whether you love jazz or rock – here, you can find miscellaneous beats and a performer who is going to satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes!
  4. Burning Man. In the desert of Nevada, there is a festival, called the Burning Man. Many would disagree about the choice of the venue, because, originally, Burning Man was never a music fest. However, its steampunk and cutting edge installations, combined with modern art that is practically everywhere, make it a perfect place for aspiring musicians. You can sing a song in the middle of the desert, take pictures or attend one of the local sights, called the Man on Fire. Festival is held annually at the beginning of September.
  5. Rock in Rio. Having two locations available, this venue makes a memorable impression and features world-known artists like Beyoncé, Kanye West and Rihanna. You can choose a tropical paradise and hop on a plane to go to Rio or save money and time for Las Vegas, America’s casino capital and probably the most well-lit city on the planet. Apart from that, Rock in Rio provides an opportunity to take part in various music competitions and enjoy good old tunes together with the new beats.
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Looking like a scene out of the futuristic movie, Tomorrowland is a place that never sleeps. Its bizarre installations, wild art performances and mind-blowing stages make it one of the most well-known venues in the world. Held in Belgium, it takes you to the next level of touristic delights. If you are a fan of loud partying, incessant noise and fantasy approach to regular things, you should definitely go to Tomorrowland, and experience all the wild stuff that is going on there.