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Tips How to Write a Successful Introduction to an Essay

“Without a good introduction, your paper will fall flat!”

Introduction definition

The introduction is an integral part of any essay that always comes in the beginning. The main function of your Intro is to make a great first impression on your readers and introduce the main arguments and points, which you develop in your writing. Your task here is to evoke interest and motivate the potential audience to keep reading your paper.

The introduction can be intricate because it is the first portion of the essay that the readers encounter and it should be definitely well-written. This paragraph gives a wide overview of your theme and thesis and convinces the audience that is worth their attention. These useful tips below will help you to complete your intro successfully, and we assure that your professor will be pleasantly impressed.

How to structure Intro

As a rule, the introduction divided into 3 parts:

Part 1. Hook Sentence or Attention Grabber

Firstly, you should provide here the hook sentence in order to catch reader’s attention; it may be a proper quote, one stunning fact or an anecdote.

Then present the whole overview of your paper topic and some basic information about it. It would be good if you begin with an extended explanation and direct the readers to something specific.

Part 2. Bridge or Connection

 In this part, you have to be concise and accurate, and describe clearly, what you’re going to talk about. It’s fine to give your main claims and points in the order in which you want to discuss them. Make sure that your audience has a full explanation of the important characters and moments. Ask yourself the questions “Why?” “Where?” “What?” “How?” “When?” and answer them in three sentences.

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Part 3. The thesis or purpose statement  

Your thesis or main argument usually appear at the end of the intro (the last sentence of your first paragraph). Don’t miss this essential point because the rest of the essay will rotate around this statements. Remember, this should be short (only one sentence), very specific and focused.

Which length should be? 

There are no requirements for the length of the intro; it depends on the number of pages you have to write. If you are assigned to complete five-paragraph essay, then the relevant length is one little paragraph, but if you’re going to write 25-pages paper, the introduction will probably take more than one paragraphs.

Let’s sum up:

  • The attention grabber at the beginning of the introduction is used to interest readers and convince them that your work is worth reading.
  • Look for some background information or basic facts about the topic.
  • Provide the main points and claims in the right order.
  • Write all needed information about the characters and time frames.
  • Complete your intro with the thesis statement, where you should represent the prominent idea of the paper.

Some Guidelines How to Write a Winning Intro

  • Do not exaggerate with background information.
  • Show your strong understanding of the topic.
  • Write the intro in one paragraph, unless you’re not going to perform 25-page paper.
  • Be accurate and concise: it will be nice if your introduction will include approximately 160 words ( 8-10 percent of the total number of words).
  • Provide only useful, relevant facts.
  • Try to eschew clichés.
  • Make your intro part curious, fresh and engaging.
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Following all these recommendations, you will be able to write the successful intro in a matter of minutes. Remember, it the part where you demonstrate an overview of the theme and an explanation of the thesis. Try to be brief and avoid irrelevant information to support your point of view. Take a pen and start writing! Good luck!

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