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Tips to Create a Successful MBA Admission Essay

Choosing a higher educational establishment is always a challenge, you are to consider all the pros and cons. You are to take the application to MBA seriously, paying much attention to your admission essay, as the rules there have become stricter like in any other college or school. You should show your life in the bright light among other candidates and prove your ability to study in a certain institution. However, you can`t be sure that others have worse grades or stats than you. In such a case, one of the best things is to write a winning personal statement and present it along with persuasive recommendations.
We have prepared for you an interesting piece of information concerning the effective admission essay writing. These tips will help you persuade MBA admission officers to choose your candidacy.

It may seem that this is a kind of a complicated task, but it isn`t at all as it`s like a descriptive essay. Very often students just think too much on the given prompt questions, instead of giving simple answers. So, let`s look through the tips, we have gathered for you!

MBA question prompts

Most MBA schools offer the following questions, in different variations:

  • What have you experienced?
  • What do you intend to do and what is the reason?
  • What place does our school take in your plans?
  • Why have you decided to go to school now?

You should take into consideration, that none of the above-questions is meant to ask you to retell your resume. You are asked for your resume in another part of an application, the commission has no time to read long descriptions of your accomplishments.

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The main point of your personal statement is to give complete answers to the four questions we have mentioned. That`s your primary task to be sure you fully describe yourself and give a certain image of your personality.

The structure of an admission essay

The structure of this kind of an essay remains the basic one, like for any other assignments.

First of all, you are to create an outline of your essay. You should organize the information you will use in your essay in a logical, coherent way not to forget something important as well as to catch your readers` attention. The first line sentence should be well-thought as it is aimed to capture your audience. Your first sentence should relate to the topic you have chosen to work on.

The next step is the introduction of a topic. You should give readers an idea what you are going to talk further. The transitions should be smooth and logical, there shouldn’t be any extra non-important information.

Main body is the part of an essay, where you are to introduce yourself, describe your skills and abilities, talents and goals. You should do this in the way of selling yourself to the university.

You should persuade the commission that you are good in problem-solving and always can find the ways out of difficult situations. State only your real achievements as it`s easy to check your skills and lie will destroy credibility to your person. Choose appropriate vivid words for the description.

Conclusion is the last hit, which you can use in your favor. Summarize all the achievements you have described and give the last reason why you should be accepted.

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Advice to make your admission essay better

  • Start beforehand. Despite the admission essays seem easy, you should start working on them in advance. Don`t think to create a knocking assignment in a day. Sometimes you need several drafts to organize everything in a coherent way. It`s better to start your essay long before the deadline, when there`s no pressure. You can take some notes, collect interesting and important information to use in your essay. Moreover, you can ask your friends and teachers what features of you they consider to be valuable. Once you have this data, you can start working on your essay.
  • Show your qualities. You are to describe yourself in relation to important qualities, like leadership skills. You should show, but not tell. Your experience, life events should prove your words.
  • Think on your goals. List the real aims you want to achieve and tell how MBA can help here. Make a little research on the industry you would like to work at, company etc. You should sound serious.
  • Keep it short. You should follow the word limit. Sometimes it may be difficult but MBA commission want to see that you can be brief and concise. Don`t overdo with flowery words, which can drag the attention from the context itself. Omit some additional information, which has no value.
  • Share your personal information. You shouldn`t be scared of this. Show your personality giving answers to the questions concerning your personal growth and development. Describe your personal experience and backgrounds. This will make you better in the eyes of a committee.
  • Edit your essay. You should proofread your essay, still, a lot of applicants don`t do this. Revision is one of the main stages of essay creation. Your admission essay will look thoughtless if there occur typos mistakes. Moreover, it`s a good idea to ask someone look through your essay as well to check it for grammar mistakes. Look through the information to know how to cite in an essay not to make such mistakes too You should pay much attention to the revision to be sure you have made effort to enter the educations establishment of your dream.
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We have provided you with necessary tips, which will make your work on an essay easier, so you won`t look for someone with the words “write my essay”.