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What Should Students Do after the Lockdown?

We all have been affected by the COVID-19 somehow. Students quickly became aware of obstacles and difficulties they did not know previously about. Not everyone is getting the same information about how they should act after the lockdown. Here are several suggestions on what to do next if you are a student.

If You Were in Your Final Year Completing a Qualification

If you have not decided what is next yet, we recommend doing research. Consider speaking to careers advisors from your institution. They can give you useful pieces of advice on how to find the right direction. Do not do a panic master’s when the career you want to go to is looking for an accredited qualification, for example. It can require the form of a master’s, a postgraduate diploma, certificate, or any other professional qualification that is the recognized standard for the industry you would like to build a career in. Many people make this mistake — they hurry to get a qualification since they believe it will make them stand out, but they are passed over for job opportunities if they do not have the necessary accredited professional qualification.

If You Are a First or Second Year Undergraduate

Consider the suggestion above, as well! Nothing prevents you from researching earlier, just ensure that when you are in your final year, you check if the requirements have not changed for you. For example, it is shocking for some students how GCSE grades were letters, and now it is numbers. They cannot even pass down some of their revision materials to students several years below them since the content has changed significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to stay up to date with the requirements for job applications for your year when you are in your final year. Additionally, dedicate some time to prepare for your next year so you will not come back completely forgetting your accumulated knowledge.

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Work Experience and Internships

Do not forget about something outside of your education that demonstrates dedication and is relevant to the industry you would like to build a career in. We all know about the “necessity of experience to get experience” conundrum. Probably you are thinking about the big city companies to get some experience, so reach for that! Remember that they are often looking for graduates who already have the experience, as a sign of commitment and determination to show to them you have some inside awareness of the industry, so you can start local. If you decide to do so, look up the contact details of the businesses in your area, and then actually contact them. The worst result of you contacting them is their decline. However, if you do not ask, you will not know.

Just keep going your own way, and you will eventually reach your goal.