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Best Ways to Write Creative Essay

Creative essay is the most interesting type of essay students can face in a high school or college. This type of essay belongs to narrative essays and gives the students an opportunity to express all their emotions, thoughts, and ideas on the paper.  It stretches your imagination and is very different from the analytical or persuasive essays.

What do we know about Creative Essay

As it was mentioned above, this style doesn’t use technicalities. Here, your task is to create a story. Not just a random story, but the one with the fascinating plot and compelling path. The good thing is that there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing a topic. You can get really creative!

Ideas for Topics

Before you start working on your creative essay, you have to choose a good paper topic that you want to write about. Here is the list of the top latest creative essay topics from our best writers’ team to help you pick up the right one for you:

  • Develop scenario of interesting end of the world.
  • Reveal your thoughts about something that has a big influence on you.
  • What would you do, when you woke up and realized that you’re in someone else’s body?
  • How can we design our future for better?
  • Write about your passion, something that drives your ambitions, the thing or a person you can’t imagine your life without.
  • Tell about the topic that hurts you.
  • Imagine you’ve got some special gift, invisibility, for example, what would you do?
  • Create a story where your or someone else’s idea changed the world.
  • How will we live in the world where people can read minds?
  • Put some love story in the unusual conditions.
  • Describe the future where technologies completely took control of human’s life.
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I hope you can settle on some of these topics, or at least you’ve got inspired to create your special creative topic. Anyway, make sure your topic leads you to a brilliant story!

General Pre-Writing Procedure

Even though you might think that since it is the creative task you can just throw your ideas on the paper. Must assure you, it isn’t that way. It will be wise to organize what you have in mind before start writing the essay. Here are some amazing tips you should use before creating another ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

  • Come up with the Topic. The theme of your essay doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you’re well aware of. It’s better to pick up the topic you’re interested in and want to know more about. This step is connected with the following one.
  • Do the Research. When you’ve chosen the topic, and you already know a lot of about it, do the research. It is vital to investigate the subject from different points. Find more interesting facts, unknown stories, special quotes. The last one is important when writing APA essay format. Combine different sources and make a real masterpiece with the thorough research work.
  • Five questions block. Who, What, How, When, Where. While creating the story, make sure you answered all these questions.
  • Record some ideas. Very often when we get the assignment to write the essay, our mind is like a clear paper. Nothing comes to your head, you’re just sitting and your fingers can’t type a word. In order to avoid this situation, keep a journal. The ideas appear when you don’t expect them to. When you write them in the journal, there won’t be any problems with writing the creative essay. You just read your ideas and the story begins.
  • Create a rough draft. When you have your ideas logically organized it will be easier to start writing.
  • You’re ready to write the Essay. Once you’ve done the previous steps, you’re ready to put fingers to the keyboard. Read on about the structure to outline your essay properly.
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Creative Essay Outline

This type of essay follows the standard 5 paragraph essay structure. Firstly the introduction part comes, then usually three paragraphs and conclusion follow.

Every paragraph plays a crucial role in the plot and cannot be omitted.  There is famous Oxford method which includes Three-Point-Structure. Namely,  The Set Up -> Confrontation -> Resolution.

  • Set Up Part. This part is represented in the introduction, where you have to establish the characters and the relationships among them.
  • Confrontation. This is usually laid down in the first and second body paragraphs. Its peculiarity is represented by a Turning Point. This is the moment when the conflict takes place. It’s better to use the technique of suddenness. When the reader doesn’t expect the situation to turn this way. I bet that kind of story will fascinate every reader.
  • Resolution: This is written in the third paragraph and partially in the conclusion. After a sharp point, you have to prepare a reasonable and not less interesting resolution of the situation that has developed.

Finish Your Essay

Your goal is to leave the reader with the strong impression of your story. ‘Happy endings come after a story with lots of ups and downs’. Make sure those ups and downs are worth reading.

We hope that these tips will help you to write a remarkable creative essay. You can also use an option write my essay for me to get the perfect example of the essay.