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How to Write a Narrative Essay without Issues

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Before anything is said, we should find the answer to one extremely important question – what is a narrative essay? You may be surprised, but the answer is pretty simple, it is a type of paper in which an author narrates some story, very often based on his or her own experience, but that’s not all. Writer’s personal experience isn’t just described by words, in the narrative essay it is presented in the context of some specific theme that may cover the material you studied at classes at school or college. There is one point students should keep in their minds – the author of the narrative essay must strive both to tell the story and to determine its meaning.

5 Steps to Achieve the Best Result

Without doubts, writing any paper requires a lot of patience and persistence, because a good product can only be obtained as a result of hard work. In order to make your fate a little bit easier you can order paper on our writing service or read the most necessary facts and details considering the narrative essay we gathered in one article. Below you can find 5 points, rules, steps (call them as you wish) that will direct you during the process of creating the paper.

1. Preparation for writing. This stage plays a crucial role, as students should gather their wits and choose an episode from their life that will be suitable for the assigned theme. Turning pages of your life book you shouldn’t ignore small incidents. In some circumstances they may be found as an excellent basis for writing. Topics and emotions are connected, that’s why the stronger feelings your topic awakes the better results will be got. Recall as many as possible details of that incident. In addition we strongly recommend you to create an outline; it will help to control a narrative strategy.

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2. Draft Your Essay. First of all, you should follow the plan while creating the draft. The thing you should focus on at this stage is to give life to story. It somehow resembles writing a descriptive essay. That may be done by means of several techniques:

  • The first person for the narrative essay is a natural point, that’s why you can’t be afraid of saying “I”.
  • Use details to provide readers with prehistory and to show the atmosphere in this or that moment.
  • Your task is to grab reader’s attention, for that it is necessary to provide all possible descriptions. If you feel lack of confidence in your writing skills, then read the example of the narrative papers written by other people.
  • If your paper is non-fiction, you can add some fiction elements and vice versa, but be careful and do not abuse this technique.

3. Revise the Paper. Now, the writer must be very careful and reread the paper form the first to the last word. If you didn’t know how to write the common application essay, than you should note that revising step is also essential in this kind of essay. You can reorganize and modify the content if such actions can improve the general quality of the essay. While revising the essay you should also consider such questions in your head:

  • Is the order of offered events understandable for the reader? Are transitions sufficiently smooth?
  • Can the reader be involved in the described experience? Is the number of details sufficient or insufficient?
  • Is the connection between the experience and its meaning for the author visible for others? What conclusions will the readers make?
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You as the writer can’t stop and use only one strategy for writing papers, this also applies to the way you reveal the significance of the experience.

4. Edit the Narrative Essay. At this stage you deal with proofreading and correction of grammatical and spelling errors, revise clarity and style of the paper. Ask your friend to take a look at the essay with fresh eye, if it’s not possible, you can use online app editors.

5. Share the Essay With the Audience. Scared? There are no reasons for panic; on the contrary it’s an opportunity to exchange your experiences and knowledge with other people, develop your writing and cognitive skills.