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Most Useful Apps for Students

EasyBib is an essential free help for students of all years and majors, as it does a great job – write your bibliography. Making the list of references can hardly be called an interesting thing; moreover it takes a lot of time. By means of this app you can work faster and save your energy, all you need to do is to type the name of the book or website and choose one of 7000 styles.
Evernote is a well-known and extremely popular app among users. If the earliest version served for taking notes, then the latest updates is a multifunctional organizer that allows not only taking notes, but also making to-do lists, setting reminders, attaching files, creating agendas. Evernote is quite easy to use thanks to simple interface, and camera feature is especially good as it lets users save photo, document or Post-it note.

Wolfram Alpha is a paid ($2.99) app, but it’s worth this money. The app covers a huge number of data, and in contrast to Google that just shows the list of search results which contain possible answers, Wolfram Alpha computes answers and generates reports on the topic you need. It may shock you, but you will get report with graphs, explanations, formulas and other details.

My Study Life is a great alternative to paper planner. By means of the app you can keep under control your day and week timetable, schedule of exams, deadlines for academic papers and projects. Use the cloud in order to have access to your information across different devices. Receive notifications so as not to forget about important events, writing essays; add colors to your timetable to make it readable.

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Mint is an indispensable app for those who want to keep up with learning and be able to manage their money. The app is aimed to create users’ budget, monitor income and expenses, remind of paying the bills, and show what things and services you spend money on. The most pleasant thing is that this app is free, so it’s also a way to save some money, isn’t it?

Indeed Job Search is a wonderful and completely free app to find a job you want and need. Search is available by various categories. You can focus on some particular job titles, follow some companies to be aware of the latest updates and vacancies and get the most appealing and newest job postings to email. Use Indeed Job Search to create your resume and choose your perfect job among the millions of diverse job opportunities.

Photomath is an amazing solution to math problems. If you feel that math tasks are beyond you, this app will help. All you need to do is to point a camera of your smartphone at math problem. There are some things you should know about Photomath – the app doesn’t work with handwritten text and advanced math problems are beyond its ability.

Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh may be called one of the finest apps to test and improve your vocabulary for such important things as the GRE, SAT and TOEFL. Vocabulary part plays a big part in passing these tests. The most necessary words are picked by experts and organized by levels. You choose the best definition for this or that word, and if you make a wrong choice, the app will repeat the word until you master it.

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Tiny Scanner is a practical application that allows creating PDF files wherever you are. By means of the camera built in your phone or tablet the app scans documents and exports them into PDF, then files may be sent by email or saved to your gadget. Program features also provide cropping and color-correction.

Microsoft Office Mobile is your magic wand when your computer isn’t accessible. Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be created, edited and shared on Android and iOS devises. So there are no reasons to put off till tomorrow what can be done today.