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Beneficial Features of Essay Samples

How do people remember things? The studies show that mirror neurons are responsible for people`s ability to replication of actions they have seen and react if needed. So, what do essay samples have with these neurons in common?

Essay samples play an essential role in studying. Good samples assist students to get an image of an appropriate essay structure, learn thoroughly the principles of each element of an assignment. When students look through the application essay samples, they get like a foundation for their own writing. There is a great variety of topics and assignments. The best way to improve your paper writing skills is to concentrate your attention on college essay samples, which will allow you diverse your writing abilities depending on the assignment you have to complete.

The description of a good essay example

Each kind of assignment has own features and structure. Some wise people created their own essays on the same topic and developed those features so that others can follow the sample. If you need to create an application essay, for instance, then you will find common features for this type of writing, like a catchy statement, good rhythm. If you need inspiration before the creation of your personal essay, then look through some exceptional examples, which will encourage you and give a complete image of an essay structure.

Examples of topics for some kinds of essays

Personal essay

  • Tell how you became a leader, what features of character help you. Describe the situations where you used your leadership skills.
  • Tell about the event or experience that influenced your beliefs and ideas. Discuss in details.
  • Describe your experience of overcoming difficulties.
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Argumentative essay

  • Do the costs of college studying correspond to the quality of education?
  • Should we use the corporal punishment in a modern world?
  • Will the legalization of marijuana bring the expected benefits?

Compare and contrast essay

  • Compare and contrast the main features of Capitalism and Communism.
  • Differences and similarities of SAT and TOEFL.
  • What is more preferable now: reading or watching screened versions?

Cause and Effect Essay

  • How does poverty effect child`s life?
  • What is the effect of obesity on overall health system?
  • How do smartphones effect the business development?

Process Essay

  • How to plan a good party?
  • How to cook a delicious cake?
  • How to give up smoking?

How you can use the outline examples

There are also essay outline examples, which allow students to get a better idea of how to organize their own assignment along with their implementation. It`s a good way to follow each step and create a good writing. It works in your favor, as you take the part of an essay, look though the example and write your own one. Check out the following tips:

  • Catchy statement (it should grab your readers` attention)
  • Trailer section (here you briefly introduce the main arguments of your assignment)
  • Thesis statement (it should the main point of your essay)

Main paragraphs

  • Topic sentence (you are to present the main idea of a paragraph)
  • Claim (introduction of an argument)
  • Evidence (prove your arguments)
  • Explanation (present the connection between the claim and an evidence)


  • Restate the thesis (you are to paraphrase the thesis statement in a confident way)
  • Confirm the arguments
  • Overall conclusion (summarize all your arguments, include the calling for action)
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Many kinds of essays are written following the above-described outline.

Still, while working on a certain type of an assignment, it`s better to look through the concrete sample and get something useful for your essay. If you want to get a high grade, then take much time to learn about this or that kind of writing as much as possible.

You can find essay samples on the Internet (but use only reliable sources), in various educational magazines and newspapers, or you can ask your teachers or professors to give you some examples.

If you want to get success, you will find the way to improve yourself!