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How to Quickly Choose the Winning Research Paper Topic

Have you ever stood in front of a large showcase with sweets or cakes at your local store trying to decide if you want more lollipops or chocolates? You may choose one easily because sweets are sweets, and they all are very delicious. Picking an excellent research paper topic is not so simple, as picking which candy to eat.

This process is more difficult and requires your maximum creativity and critical thinking. Don’t select the topic out of desperation or if you’re not able to think of anything else to write about. Following these 5 tips below you will write the top-notch research paper on the brilliant topic.

How to Select the First-Rate Research Paper Topic

1. Select an appropriate topic for your assignment

If you write a research paper that’s kind of masterpiece, but if you’re writing about an erroneous topic, you’ll probably come to naught. It’s definitely not the result you’re striving for.

As a rule, if you should complete the paper in pedagogical class, choose the topic related to pedagogy. Don’t beat around the bush! Get to the point! Maybe you are interested in history, but you’re not allowed to write about the Second World War or something like that, your main focus is pedagogy.

Make sure that your professor didn’t create a list of forbidden topics. You may write the perfect paper on the banned topic, but that will likely lead you to a bad result. Again, that is not what you’re really expecting.

2. Pick the topic you have a little interest in

What to do if you’re not interested in the required topic you should write about? If you’re working on the research paper for the demanded course that is not exactly your cup of tea, try to select the subject you may at least endure.

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If you’re assigned to write about Shakespeare’s Literature, but you don’t like it, OK, find something interesting that concerned with Shakespeare, for instance, war, violence or history. His books are full of all these things! Don’t fall into despair immediately, look for something little that you’ll be thrilled about!

3. Come up with a fresh topic

Just imagine, you are asked to complete a synthesis essay and your main task here is to describe one of the social issues. There are a large number of general debate and gray area on those problems and it makes easier to find a fresh and great topic for your synthesis.

You may do the same with your research paper and perform it on the highest level. Be original, stop choosing the topics that are overused, try to find something new that has not been studied by anyone. There are a lot of sources that’ll direct you to the right thoughts. Search some ideas in Google or turn the pages of the fascinating books in your campus library. Look for the inspiration in local newspapers or on different websites to find out about present events that might work for your paper. You may also talk with your friends or parents about their points of view.

4. Narrow your main subject

You’ve finally determined with the subject, but it doesn’t mean that you’re ready to investigate and write. It seems to you that “Dangers of Drugs” sounds like an excellent topic.

The danger of drugs may include discussions about Drug addiction and Crime, Addiction, and Pregnancy, Phases of Addiction and others. It’s impossible to insert all these elements in one research paper, so you need to think of how many pages you could write on this topic.

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Narrowing the topic is the best solution! This way, you’ll definitely fulfill a high-quality paper in the time and word count required.

Use Google research to find some background information about your topic you want to concentrate your attention on.

5. Develop a research questions

It’s obligatory to create a research question you care about in order to focus on your research and paper. List all of the questions you would like to answer yourself. You should ask yourself about an issue you are curious or passionate about. This way, you provide the path through the investigations and writing process.

While developing research questions choose an interesting general topic, do some researches on it, consider your audience, and evaluate your answers.

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