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How to Complete ACT Essay – Best Writing Guide

Easy Tips How to Tackle ACT Essay Effectively

Have you ever decided whether or not to write the ACT Essay?  Although, it is one of the required assignment in most schools and universities. So, we extremely recommend you to take it and we also believe that you’re able to do it really successful. Make sure you didn’t forget to register for ACT with Writing! Please, don’t worry! The essay follows a particular format that means you may practice and prepare in advance. Our best writing guide offers you a sample ACT writing prompt and gives you five key steps, to reach a high-scoring paper.

ACT Writing Prompt

Recently, most educational institutions have reduced their humanities departments and have begun to pay their attention much more to STEM (Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Technology) and away from ELA (Arts, Language, English). American government has made this decision because they find to move toward STEM will help students to take part in a meaningful way in the local workplace. This debate for the future of education demands to examine the possible consequences of this changes in how students are educated in the USA.

Take a look at these perspectives! Each offers a certain way of thinking about the shift in American education.

Perspective 1

STEM programs cannot exist without ELA because both of them assist students to live more meaningful life. They complement each other!
The main task of well-rounded education is to develop students’ creativity as well as teach them to strive for the great achievement and improvements. In addition, they don’t need to just concentrate their attention on the importance of money!

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Perspective 2

ELA program prevents students to participate in the hard sciences, mathematics, and business. Given this, ELA should be canceled entirely in all possible American Educational Institutions. Reading and writing are the most appropriate activities that are the best choice for the leisure of students.

Perspective 3

ELA and STEM programs must be in equal balance with one another. Both are needed to provide the students with the high-quality education. This is the right approach to the students’ future because it’ll let them cover as many necessary subjects as possible before choosing their specialties and careers.

Essay main task

Write a logical, unified essay in which you have to estimate all given perspectives on the problem on how colleges and schools should combine STEM and ELA subjects. In the essay, make sure:

  • analyze the perspective given above and come up with your own idea and sight on the issue, explain the relationship between your well-thought perspective and those given.
  • describe whether you are in complete agreement with others, in partial agreement or radically different.
  • In any case, support all your ideas with relative reasons and convincing examples.

How to Perform the ACT Essay

Following these 5 steps you’re able to fulfill the essay with a personal perspective that may be defended and debated.

Step 1. Work out the prompt

What should you weight in the prompt? Why is this problem still the actual subject of discussion?

Step 2. Develop the perspectives

As a rule, there three perspectives that are divided: one for, one against, and one in the middle. The main goal in Step 2 is to clarify where each perspective places and then determine at least one drawback of each perspective.

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Ask these questions and help yourself:

What does each perspective examine?
What does every perspective pass over?

Step 3. Provide your own perspective

If you look through there offered perspectives, it’s time to generate your own one. Keep in mind, your perspective should have something exceptional about these three.

Step 4. Put everything together

Now you’ve come with ideas, here’s a short outline of how to structure the Act Essay.


  • begin with the topic sentence that gives the central understanding of the issue.
  • accurately state your position on the problem

Body paragraph

  • start with transition sentence that considers the opposing side of the argument
  • discuss the given perspectives that may support the opposing argument
  • provide the examples that could sustain the opposing side
  • make it clear why you contradict the opposing perspective

Body paragraph (2)

  • begin with the topic sentence that considers your position on the main issue
  • give some examples that support your position


  • briefly overview your discussion
  • restate your perspective and arguments
  • give the final point of view on the topic

Step 5. Proofread

If you have time, you can devote it to proofreading. Check out grammar and spelling errors, if there is one, correct it neatly. Follow neatness in your essay and a high grade is guaranteed. Good luck!