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How to Paste a Quote in Your Essay like an Expert

How to Put Professionally a Quote into Your Essay

Students very often hear from their teachers that their research papers should include quotations. These are usually someone else’s precise words around those you need to put quotation marks. It seems to you so easy to do but is it really so, let’s find out.

If you’re looking for a few simple, helpful tips, here we tell you how to paste the quote in the essay like a pro.

Don’t Quote Just in Behalf of Quoting

You are often obliged to insert at least a few quotes to sustain your research paper, but you should do it with responsibility, not to simply put them in because your teacher requires.

Recommendation: To start your intro with a quotation may the best strategy for everyone. Stay away from random quotes they aren’t the most appropriate selection for the opening lined of the paper.

Keep in mind, the clumsy quotes never support your argument in the proper way!

How to Paste a Quote in Your Essay like a Real Expert?

Are you ready to figure out how to put a quote in the essay like an expert? Here are three useful tips to help you what you absolutely must to do when quoting. Take a look at them and learn how to move from apprentice to pro status.

Tip 1. Pick quotes thoughtfully

Of course, it doesn’t need a lot of efforts to choose any random quote and insert it in your paper but it doesn’t mean that you’ve done it wisely. Always remember your quotes should necessarily support the arguments, so you have to look for information from the accessible sources that intrinsically do that.

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Example: You’re writing an argumentative essay and you’re striving to prove that teens develop eating disorders because of social pressure.

To back up this argument, you select the following quote: “12 – 16% of all Americans are suffering from some type of severe eating disorder”.

There is one and main reason why this quote doesn’t fit

The quote doesn’t supply evidence that upholds your argument at all. In this example, the argument is that teens progress eating disorders owing to societal and peer insistence. So, it is necessary that the quote provide evidence of that. Such information is good for background knowledge, but it doesn’t explain why teenagers develop eating disorders.

Tip 2.  Use signal phrases

Signal phrases allow the readers know what to expect the quote. They present the quote and complement the context. Have you ever seen the traffic signals? They usually signal drivers to slow down, go or stop.

Signal phrases in writing perform the same role. They say readers to slow down and call attention to the information that should be followed.

 Tip 3. Cite correctly

It doesn’t matter what source you use; you should be able to cite properly in order to eschew plagiarism.  So, all your quotes, paraphrases or summaries from your paper require in-text citation as well as references page.

Pro Status

You’ve passed through all tips and now you’ve already known how to paste the quote into the research essay like a pro. To stay on the professional level demands a lot of hard works and practice. Be always number one in everything!

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Happy quoting!