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How to Complete a Research Paper to Succeed

What is a research paper? There exist many essay types, and a research paper belongs to one of them. In some general terms, a research paper can be described as an academic writing which is based on some research conducted by a writer with all the analysis and interpretations. All research findings should also be described while writing.
If you want to achieve success with this kind of paper, you will need something more than just the knowledge in particular sphere. There should be some logical steps followed in order to achieve complete academic excellence.

It is very important to do everything in a logical sequence while writing. A confident research paper writer should follow these steps:

  1. Choose a topic
    You have to pick up a topic that interests you, first of all. If you are interested, you will be more inspired and motivated to keep on writing your paper. It will also determine how many efforts you will put to complete your work successfully. It is better to dwell on some kind of a limited aspect. In other words, do not try to choose something general. A concrete topic will be the most appropriate here. However, first of all, you should check your teacher`s specifications concerning your research paper topic. Try to avoid topics with little information and narrow aspects for clarifying. Choose a subject that you are able to manage.
  2. Find relevant information
    To write a good research paper, you need to be well-informed first of all. Make your own research and try to understand everything by yourself. If you are not aware of the material provided, think how your readers will perceive your assignment. For getting some general and background information, it would be a great idea to surf the Net. Browse some almanacs and encyclopedias, including Britannica to get some sort of useful information. You should visit some local and university libraries and get something from there as well. It will only increase your chances to manage your paper successfully.
  3. Create a thesis statement
    It goes without saying that each research paper needs a thesis statement. However, you should ask your teachers first about this issue since there can be some specifications. A thesis statement, a central point of your work, in other words, provides readers with the clear understanding of what will be discussed further. If you want a good thesis statement, you have to think critically and put this main idea in one sentence. All your next body paragraphs will support your thesis statement. You should be dead sure that your thesis is strong enough to make a good impression about you as a writer and the whole picture of your research paper.
  4. Create an outline
    Your research paper should be structured in a proper way:
  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Manuscript Body
  • Reference
  • Tables, appendix (not necessarily)
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The purpose of creating an outline is to organize your work in a logical sequence so that it looks and sounds good.

  1. Organize all your notes and start working on your paper
    Summarize and try to understand all your notes carefully. Having done this, it is high time to start working on the first draft of your essay. Then, you have to revise it and complete the final paper.
  2. Revise your research paper
    The final step is to check what you have written very carefully. Check the grammar, punctuation, spelling. You have to look through your notes as well to see whether you have used everything you wanted and it was required.

Checklist for Writing a Perfect Research Paper

  1. Is my thesis statement clear and precise?
  2. Didn’t I miss something according to my outline?
  3. Is the information presented in a logical way?
  4. Have I cited all the resources properly?
  5. Have I provided strong supporting arguments?
  6. Did I build my paragraphs properly?
  7. Are all my sentences finished?
  8. Do my paragraphs finish smoothly?
  9. Have I done some spelling or punctuation mistakes?
  10. Haven`t I used contractions?
  11. Did I use the third person only?
  12. Did I provide my readers with a sense of completion at the end of my essay?

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