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Get Advantage of Your Electronic Devices to Cope with Your Feelings and Emotions

The fact that technology and emotions go hand in hand can be quite surprising for the majority of people. We are all inclined to believe that these days people tend to hide behind their devices if they are not feeling really well emotionally. But let`s try to look at it from a different perspective. We can use our gadgets not as a good place to hide from the rest of the world, but rather to increase our self-awareness and self-reflection, find self-compassion, and cultivate a commitment to patience when we are down in the dumps. And here is how it works.

Apps you use to show who you are and how you feel

Your battery consumption can define how happy you were at different times. The thing is that the apps you use vary depending on the mood you were in. Just take one simple step if you do not believe it. There is a function in your smartphone which can display applications that are draining the most of your battery power. It can serve as a powerful map of your emotions for a definite period of time. It can sound a little bit strange but all apps that we use can be divided into happy and sad ones. There are some apps that definitely bring you joy and cheer you up. Apps such as Super Better, Greater Good in Action, Just One Minute, and Happify will undoubtedly boost your happiness. The research shows that spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter can make you feel sad and depressed. It`s a good idea to take screenshots of your battery percentage to find out which apps you use most of the time.

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YouTube can help you overcome your darkest emotions

Our devices give us the opportunity to find people who feel the same way as we do and realize that we are not alone in this world. On YouTube, you can find plenty of videos where people talk about their feelings and how they manage to cope with them. Almost every person can face a situation in which they feel hopeless and desperate. It may sound extremely selfish but surprisingly watching somebody fall apart can cancel your own despondent feelings. It is advised to create different playlists that are connected with some particular emotions such as rage, anxiety or panic. Those videos can help you understand how to change your own situation.

Becoming the historian of your feelings and emotions

Have you ever heard of creating your own Wikipedia of Fear? It is an effective way to manage your emotions and feelings by recording them. First of all, you should search for symptoms of depression or panic attack and then keep all your feelings in notes on your phone that is really helpful. The next time you feel that you are going to lose everything, die or go crazy, just reread all the things that you have noted down before and you will see that you are getting much better. This Wikipedia of Fear can give you a clear map of what is happening to you and what you can expect. You can take advantage of various note-taking apps to examine your current emotional state, describe your feelings and even dialogue with them. All these effective techniques will help you resist the power and passion of emotions and show that you are no longer a slave to them. We should always try to separate ourselves from bad feelings such as envy or greed instead of identifying with them. You should always bear in mind that being okay with accepting that less-than-ideal portrait of yourself is the first step towards self-understanding.

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Now, do you believe us that tech can help handle depression and anxiety?