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How to write in an academic style?

The academic style method

If you are going to write a paper, you need to know what an academic style is. That is not the case when you simply write long sentences, but they have no common sense. It must be logical and objective – keep that always in your mind. The main advice is not to start your work with the words “I think..”, which always can be noticed in any newbie paper.

The main idea of such style is to go through the deep analysis of your topic and make critical statements, instead of fulfilling your pages with your own opinions or feelings. That is also important to remember if you were asked to write reflective assignment. In this case, you need to analyze again with the additional help of your own thinking critique. In order to improve your future assignment, there is a good method: start to search for evidence and make a plan of related arguments with critical thinking. These arguments must support your main idea and topic. If you feel like there is lack of supportive arguments, you need to pick a different theme.

It must be precise and cautious

Try to use specific evidence in order to support your arguments or claims. Do not forget that such evidences should be referenced from academic and trustworthy sources (not wikipedia for sure). If you don’t have a strong evidence to support any of your arguments, then try to avoid generalizations. The example is simple: instead of using “All Americans are lazy workers”, try to change for ‘Unlike some other work cultures, American workplaces don’t expect workers to complete unpaid over work hours’. Your main points must be supported by evidence and you are welcome to use cautious sentences to show how confident you are about these points.

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Discipline-specific terms to be used in an academic style

In order to make your work better, you can use special terms for your discipline. This can be a good sign for your professor that you are making progress on the weekly readings. The improvements to use: underline the terms you want to use for your topic. You may not use all terms for the specific topic, but later you will see which the best to explain your key points are.

What is not an academic style

The main trick behind your successful assignment is to avoid wordy or confusing moments. That is why you need to write in Plain English; however, some scientists do not support the idea of an academic style that is not a reason for you to boost academic skills.