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Healthy Student Living

Here our readers can find useful infirmation on healthy and easy way to stay strong and wealthy during examinations.

Role of environmental pollution in cancer diseases
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Recently there has been an article published in one of US magazines where the headline shouted about the increased cancer rate directly connected to the bad environment. The first sentence claimed that 39 of 100 000 cancer deaths could be prevented if the worst US environments improved their work and decreased their impact. The author […]

Drug Education Programs: Are They Effective or Not?
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Since the marijuana legalization has become a real problem throughout California, the issue of children protection is a priority now. Only adults with their identification cards are allowed by the law to conduct legal sales. However, just like it was before, children do find different ways to buy cannabis. It can be proved by a […]

New York City Against Students` Homelessness
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Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has been trying for years to decrease the number of homeless families. This problem is very actual these days, as it creates a crisis situation for the whole city, where a great number of people just don’t have a place to live. The two reports were made and it was […]

Mental Health Problems of Students
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Mental Health Problems Causes and Solutions in Colleges Mental health problems have been debated for several years all around the world. It turns one of the highest levels of people suffering from mild mental disorders is in higher education sphere. Several researches affirm that students currently experience high levels of anxiety and depression.

Sleep trackers can help you get better sleep at night
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We all know that people spend a third of their life sleeping. Lots of us take sleeping for granted, but that`s not correct. The researches show that 30% of all adults suffer from insomnia. So, it`s really important to track your sleep to better its quality.

Caffeine is a drug: Substance that you need to be careful with
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Many people who are questioned about what they consider to be a drug will think about illegal drugs. Some will also mention tobacco and alcohol. However, what would you tell if you learned that the majority of U.S. population are drug users not because of taking illegal drugs, smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, but because […]

Form Your Healthy Eating Plan!
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Foods to Maintain Your Well-Being For centuries, food has played a significant role in improving the physical and mental condition of a person. Particular products, with essential amounts of vitamins and nutrients, have helped people fight colds, pains, allergies, several diseases and keep their bodies in good shape. There are plenty of healthy products, the […]

Energy food. Staying healthy all the time
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6 foods that will give you energy We are used to eating a sweet candy bar or having a cup of coffee every time we feel down and deadline is looming on the horizon, but that is not the way to go. Needless to say, candies and cakes do make our energy levels high, but […]

College cooking. Easy ways to make snacks
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7 quick and easy meals for college students The first rule you should remember when you cook on campus is that microwave can become a student’s friend in a fraction of a second. The secret to a healthy meal is to alternate between eating out and making food for yourself. For those days when you […]