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Drug Education Programs: Are They Effective or Not?
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Since the marijuana legalization has become a real problem throughout California, the issue of children protection is a priority now. Only adults with their identification cards are allowed by the law to conduct legal sales. However, just like it was before, children do find different ways to buy cannabis. It can be proved by a […]

Reasons To Accept A Temporary Job For Students?
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You don`t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. This saying proves that we should start small in order to achieve something great. We are going to ruin a common misconception that a temporary job is only for losers, who are not able to find a well-paid permanent […]

Which Companies Are Working On Educational Programs In VR?
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It goes without saying that Virtual Reality can change the way we learn and teach.  VR is powerful for education because it enhances student engagement and learning. The current educational process is not suitable for digital generation anymore. That`s why we should apply new technologies that could change the learning environment completely. There are a […]

New York City Against Students` Homelessness
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Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has been trying for years to decrease the number of homeless families. This problem is very actual these days, as it creates a crisis situation for the whole city, where a great number of people just don’t have a place to live. The two reports were made and it was […]

Mental Health Problems of Students
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Mental Health Problems Causes and Solutions in Colleges Mental health problems have been debated for several years all around the world. It turns one of the highest levels of people suffering from mild mental disorders is in higher education sphere. Several researches affirm that students currently experience high levels of anxiety and depression.

Modern problems of academic writing reaching the public
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Science to the Public If you are not a scientist, how many times you have read a real scientific research on a regular basis? Ok, let me paraphrase it: have you EVER read a scientific research not because it was a home work assignment but because you where interested in the subject? The statistics show […]

Benefits Of Bilingual Education
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Why bilingual education can be good for your child Many studies consistently show that taking part in dual-language programs develops cognitive skills of the child and provides students with the great opportunities both in the academic environment and in everyday life. If you doubt whether your child should study in a bilingual school, check out […]

The Vanishing American Grads
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Where are American Maters? The ethnical diversity for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs will stun you with a great difference.  According to the statistics, the percentage of American residents during undergraduate studies makes 80, while only about 20 percent accounts for the Master’s and Postgrad programs. Almost 80 percent of Masters are from India, Korea, Turkey […]

Parting with Education Life
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Goodbye Education Life In 1986 the first issue of Education Life (one of the tabloids) published an article which touched upon the problem of undergraduate students being frazzled, spending lots of time in search of highly-paid job whereas there were lots of various programs suggesting promising careers and modern stadiums turned to appear around the […]

The Best Sites Where to Buy or Sell a Car for Students
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The List of Top Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car There is a list of top sites where any buyer or seller can find what they want. eBay Motors eBay is probably the most popular online market where you can buy/sell all stuff. If it goes to vehicles, you can use eBay Motors to […]

You Can Overcome CVS if You Work on Computer Following Rules
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Computer vision syndrome and its prevention Headaches, sore eyes, neck pain are common things for people who work in front of the computer. However, there are easy steps you can follow to avoid these problems. If you are among people with the symptoms mentioned above, then you probably have computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition […]

The Stanford’s freshman list of the books for students
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Three books for Stanford’s freshman Being a student of a Stanford University is very important factor for young people. There are many interesting things about the whole study program, especially if you are on first year. The one of these mentioned things is the New Student Orientation Program for freshmen. The main concept is simple: […]

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