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The Vanishing American Grads
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Where are American Maters? The ethnical diversity for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs will stun you with a great difference.  According to the statistics, the percentage of American residents during undergraduate studies makes 80, while only about 20 percent accounts for the Master’s and Postgrad programs. Almost 80 percent of Masters are from India, Korea, Turkey […]

Parting with Education Life
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Goodbye Education Life In 1986 the first issue of Education Life (one of the tabloids) published an article which touched upon the problem of undergraduate students being frazzled, spending lots of time in search of highly-paid job whereas there were lots of various programs suggesting promising careers and modern stadiums turned to appear around the […]

The Best Sites Where to Buy or Sell a Car for Students
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The List of Top Sites to Buy and Sell Your Car There is a list of top sites where any buyer or seller can find what they want. eBay Motors eBay is probably the most popular online market where you can buy/sell all stuff. If it goes to vehicles, you can use eBay Motors to […]

You Can Overcome CVS if You Work on Computer Following Rules
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Computer vision syndrome and its prevention Headaches, sore eyes, neck pain are common things for people who work in front of the computer. However, there are easy steps you can follow to avoid these problems. If you are among people with the symptoms mentioned above, then you probably have computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition […]

The Stanford’s freshman list of the books for students
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Three books for Stanford’s freshman Being a student of a Stanford University is very important factor for young people. There are many interesting things about the whole study program, especially if you are on first year. The one of these mentioned things is the New Student Orientation Program for freshmen. The main concept is simple: […]

Writing Grammar Tips for Everyone
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Grammar Tips for Excellent Writing There are many factors that determine how this or that text will be evaluated. Compliance with the rules of grammar is a compulsory point for any type of writing, as it indicates hoe educated is the author. In modern English there are many tricky questions, and they confuse not only […]

How to write a essay scholarships
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How to write a essay scholarships: useful tips An essay is a very tricky task to do. Some people simply cannot express their thoughts on a small piece of paper because that means to be creative. Everything you write down reflects your own personality. That is why you need to be fully prepared to make […]

How to Start a College Essay without any Issues
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Helpful Tips How to Start a College Essay All of us have periods of ups and downs when we are more or less productive. You shouldn’t despair if you can’t write a college application essay for the reason that you have no ideas how to start it. After reading this article, you will be convinced […]

How to Write a Synthesis Essay in the Shortest Possible Time
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How to Write a Synthesis Essay Step by Step The fact that people deal with synthesis pretty often in their everyday life may surprise you, but that’s true. When you retell someone what your friends’ opinion is on some film or music album, you are involved in the process of synthesis. Synthesis writing isn’t just […]

How to Write the Common Application Essays 2017-2018 – Personal Guide
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How to Write the Common Application Essays 2017-2018 Application season is an extremely hot and busy period of time not only for high school students, but also for their parents and members of admission committee or even research paper writer. For that reason we decided to talk about writing for the Common Application and make […]

Sleep trackers can help you get better sleep at night
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We all know that people spend a third of their life sleeping. Lots of us take sleeping for granted, but that`s not correct. The researches show that 30% of all adults suffer from insomnia. So, it`s really important to track your sleep to better its quality.

How to Conclude an Essay Successfully
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Read On How to Conclude an Essay Conclusion is the final part of any written work. For that reason, it is often left neglected – the writer gets tiered, feels the lack of ideas or thinks he has nothing important to present to the reader, as the essential information is delivered in the main body. […]

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