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Essay Typer – who are you trying to fool

Essay Typer – irreplaceable help or complete failure?

How much time does it take you to write and check a meaningful essay? I guess, at least two hours. Of course, regardless cases when you order your essay in a paper writing service. Otherwise, it needs a lot of time and efforts, great amount of research work and creativity. If you’ve poorly scheduled your week and remembered about an essay assignment at night in the bed, you’d wish some magic interference to help you out for sure.

Therefore, the popping out commercial on each web page entices you, promising to create an essay in just a couple of seconds. Essay Typer is a free website that generates an essay on any topic you type in the Welcome page. And here’s the magic you were looking for so long. Randomly pressing any buttons on the keyboard, you get a coherent and meaningful text. The trick is that this source does not provide you with a unique and outstanding content. In the majority of cases it copies the information from Wikipedia. It may work in case you want to fool your parents and create an impression of a hard working student. Though, the teacher will detect plagiarism in a mile.

What is a Purpose of an Essay Task?

It’s unbelievable but some students try to turn in such papers. Actually, it’s an alarm to the society and coming generations. Students Essay Typing their papers or buying a written essay if they don’t know how to write a narrative essay or effect essay, for example, forgetting the main purpose of the academic writing, and the goal standing behind the task of writing an essay.  It develops critical thinking and outlining skills. Through writing, students master their skills of the logical structuring of the statements and exposition of thoughts. It’s an ability that each educated and literate person should possess.

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Is Purchasing a Paper Plagiarism?

Essay Typer and similar web sources are free to use in most cases. However, the Net is full of paid writing services offering to accomplish an essay, a research and even a dissertation.

Technically, it’s not plagiarism because you do not copy the work- you purchase it. On the other hand, someone else’s work is given for one’s own research without acknowledging the real author. It is not the theft of the intellectual property as you paid for it but it’s still cheating. This is what worries the majority of teachers in school.

What are the outcomes?

It’s easier to control the problem in the middle classes, as parents are usually more involved in their children’s education. A teacher cannot accuse a student in cheating if the plagiarism cannot be proved. Thus, parents could help monitor the writing process at home. Thought, it is harder to work with high school students. Parents take less control over their children and teacher plays the role of a guarantor that claims that his students will be able to structure their thoughts logically on paper on their own after finishing the school.

Moreover, students cheat on each other essays as well. Probably, that’s not a secret, if you remember yourself as a student. Though, the problem is not just in violation of the rules. Maybe the system is the one to blame or it’s a natural order of things in the world but students have forgotten that the mark is not the goal in education. The main purpose of essay writing – to present thoughts and ideas clearly – is being neglected and replaced with the blind pursuit of an outstanding GPA. The opportunities a student misses out in school because of cheating may come out in future in the most inappropriate time.