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Writing Tips

This category dedicates to all possible advices and recommendations for academic writing and students who searching for a helping hand and extraordinary ideas. Here we are posting articles of our writers and tending to find actual themes that at the same time can be burning issues in world society.

How to Write a Business Plan in Simple Steps
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A business plan plays a critical role in launching any business venture today. The big problem is that many entrepreneurs often get frustrated at the very beginning because they don’t know how to create a plan.   If they do manage to start writing it, they may drag their business plan out for years, which […]

Comprehensive Guide on Writing Process in Details
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Every writer will agree that no matter what type of a think piece you are working on; this activity is unique and individual. Writing cannot be compared to work with any device or appliance. Thus, there is no guide that can guarantee a successful outcome. All creative processes presuppose that they are different and require […]

How to use memo in your writings right?
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Writing memos is an effective way of intra-office communication. Memos may be composed to remind, advise or instruct one individual or a number of people within the organization. Everything you need to do is to build a reputation for crafting memos that people believe they have to read. Memos are really useful if they are […]

Writing a Story Every Week: How to Be That Disciplined?
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As a writer, you may know that there is no better way to improve your writing skills than to learn from the best of the best. Let’s take Ray Bradbury, an author of numerous amazing stories. The most famous of them are The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. He used to say that writing at […]

How to Write a Contemporary Romantic Comedy by Catherine Bennetto
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Catherine Bennetto was a student of the first ever online novel course held by Curtis Brown in autumn 2013. She published her debut novel How Not to Fall in Love, Actually as an e-book in which she managed to take a fresh and funny look at the romance in the contemporary world. Make or break is her second novel […]

How to Create an Outline for Your Term Paper
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Term papers are written to evaluate students’ level of knowledge and expertise in this or that leaning area. So, successful term paper writing requires a lot of time, efforts and dedication, alongside with research and technical writing experience. In order to make a headway with your assignment, it should be well-written and formatted, structured, organized […]

What is a Dissertation
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The dissertation is a complex, apical work which requires lots of skills and knowledge that you’ve obtained during your study. By the time you have to write your dissertation, you’ve probably already written different types of essays, such as essay scholarships for example, persuasive, analytical, some Top-Notch Research Essay and many others.  All of this […]

How to Write Your Best Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide
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The first thing we should take a look at what is actually a dissertation? The dissertation is the final work that PhD candidates have to present in order to gain the doctoral degree. The dissertation is also used to present the outcome of research and independent work for an undergraduate program. Sometimes people confuse the […]

How to Write an Essay about Yourself
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To cut a long story short, an essay about yourself is an autobiographical piece of writing which is actually focused on your life and its different aspects. This kind of academics belongs to the nonfiction category. If you get a task like this, it means you have to put your life properly into several paragraphs. […]

How to Create a Successful Case Study
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You should know that there are four kinds of case studies, which are illustrative (the description of events), exploratory (investigations), cumulative (the comparison of information) and critical (is about a certain subject examination with its effects and causes). Thus, we may see, that these case studies concern various spheres, they can be of research aim […]

How to Quickly Choose the Winning Research Paper Topic
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Have you ever stood in front of a large showcase with sweets or cakes at your local store trying to decide if you want more lollipops or chocolates? You may choose one easily because sweets are sweets, and they all are very delicious. Picking an excellent research paper topic is not so simple, as picking […]

Beneficial Features of Essay Samples
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How do people remember things? The studies show that mirror neurons are responsible for people`s ability to replication of actions they have seen and react if needed. So, what do essay samples have with these neurons in common? Essay samples play an essential role in studying. Good samples assist students to get an image of […]

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