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How to Complete ACT Essay – Best Writing Guide

Easy Tips How to Tackle ACT Essay Effectively

Have you ever decided whether or not to write the ACT Essay?  Although, it is one of the required assignment in most schools and universities. So, we extremely recommend you to take it and we also believe that you’re able to do it really successful. Make sure you didn’t forget to register for ACT with Writing! (more…)

10 Useful Steps How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Agree, today we’re living in the world full of many problems but there are so few solutions for them. Yet people try to offer some possible decisions to these issues that you can find in office memos, policy papers, op-eds or problem-solution essays. (more…)

Citing an essay: getting acquainted with MLA and APA

It doesn’t matter if you are just a high school student or you are already a professional writer: you should be able to cite the sources you use with a specific style of formatting. Two most popular and commonly used in citing styles are MLA and APA. They make sure there is no plagiarism in the text and provide the readers with the link where they can find more info about the paper. (more…)

The standard question for the students: how much time and how many pages it usually takes to complete an essay? Well, it is a tricky question. How much time will it take you to run 1 km? It depends on you: it can be either fun and fast or it can be slow and boring. (more…)

10 Easy Tips How to Make Your Essay Longer

Many students often face such situation when they’re writing a school paper and deadline is approaching but they still haven’t achieved their teacher’s required page count. Agree, being nowhere near the page limit, make everyone to get a little bit disappointed. In this case, for some reason, you start creating to reach the needed page count. You begin the real game with Microsoft World, it looks like gymnastics with different fonts and spacing. (more…)

Writing Tips How to Complete a Research Essay Effectively

Research Essays are often required in the colleges, high schools, and graduate schools, but they are not common in the middle schools. If you are a typical student, you’ll definitely sooner or later face with an assignment of researching the topic and fulfilling an impressive paper about it. (more…)

Top 10 GRE Essay Tips to Improve Your Score

Most students consider the GRE Essay as the most stressful assignment ever, but it’s not so difficult as it seems. The GRE usually consists of two essays the Issue and the Argument and they should be accomplished before the Quantitative and Verbal parts are attempted. These two essays are not assessed just on the content alone. They both also must be well-structured. (more…)

Top 5 Lessons for a Debut Novelist

Did you know that some of the most famous and beloved writers around the world did not have any professional education? Ray Bradbury finished only middle school; Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a pilot but remained in history as a writer; Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte neither had any special education but had falling into millions of romantic reader’s harts around the globe. Not to continue with this long list, the point is that it is never later or irrelevant to spell out your ideas on paper even if it’s not your first call. Some talent, luck and a lot of hard work can make you as successful as the writers above.


Editor’s Fears – Things Editor Are Afraid of

Being an editor you deal with various clients and orders. Unfortunately, very often editors have to face people and things that make them exhausted, nervous or annoyed, but such situations are typical for any profession. In this article, we will try to show you the life of most editors from the inside and tell what difficulties the editors need to overcome while communicating with clients. Almost all editors can tell several “funny” stories when clients hassled them. Based on the experience of editors we can identify several types of clients. It’s hard to call them in one word, that’s in some cases we give a short description to each of them instead of.

Vanishing clients

At the very beginning, such client seems extremely excited and enthusiastic about working with an editor but it is only at first glance. Time passes, the editor replies and the client disappears like a ghost. In better cases, the client still writes you back, but it takes so long period of time, so you might think that the client is in a cocoon. Such behavior contradicts the main principle of working with the editor – communicate clearly and promptly.

The always writing client

This type also occurs on the on the professional path of editors. These people greatly complicate the editing process, as they continue adding something and making amendments even if the manuscript is being edited or even worse when it has been already edited. Such behavior may not only annoy the editor, but somebody may also consider it as disrespect for his or her work. We cannot predict everything and, of course, the clients can add some information, but they should not abuse this option, and once again it is necessary to agree on amendments with the editor.

The mixing authors

Let’s imagine the situation when some potential client has created a book. Frankly speaking, it can be hardly called a real book, as it consists of unrelated styles, genres, and plot lines. Besides, you don’t realize author’s presentation logic, for this reason, you can’t know what to expect from the next piece of writing. The worst possible case is when the client is blind and thinks that he/she is the author of a masterpiece. In order to correct the book and make it look more or less decent, the editor has to make a huge effort.

The lazy clients

This is the type of authors who want to succeed at the expense of others including the editor. The client doesn’t understand that the excellent content is the result of a long-term cooperation between the writer and the editor. If the author has handed the book, it doesn’t mean the end of his/her part, on the contrary, he or she should be ready to answer editor’s questions and provide support whenever it is needed.

The believer in better

This point is somewhat opposite to the point #3. The client realizes that his manuscript is weak and includes many things to improve and correct, but at the same time, they believe in the editor and his/her ability to create a miracle with any text. The clients look for some support even before submitting work, that’s why they can appeal to beta readers.

The copypasters

Today people have access to enormous amount of information, and the self-assured writers believe that no one will notice that they plagiarized something. If they really think so, they are very naïve. Plagiarism is unforgivable in any business, and the editors can easily determine it themselves or by means of special software.

7. The last group of clients may be characterized as the shapeshifters. They are constantly in two minds and this fact influences their actions. First such clients may ask for one service, but a little bit later they request completely different things. Just imagine what the editor feels in this situation. To avoid any misunderstandings the clients should clearly realize what editing services they need.

Several Steps to Successful Academic Writing

Writing an academic paper is always stress for students especially for freshmen, but everything is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. Students deal with academic writing all the time, that’s why sooner or later you will get used to such rhythm of life, but you are able to make this process smoother. You will cope with this issue easily if you follow these 5 steps based on real student life experience.

Work on your background

First of all, try to look for relevant sources. The more you will choose, the higher chances you have to find exactly what you need. At this stage you shouldn’t read sources from cover to cover, it’s better to narrow down their number –  look briefly through them or read just abstracts, that’s pretty enough to catch the key idea. Only after that you should read the best materials and make notes. Having made such an overview you can come back to the paper and decide how you want to promote the discussion. The next thing everybody has to do is create a title, it will return you to the essence every time you distract.

Develop the structure

In any case, you shouldn’t start writing when you haven’t created a general structure. Use a standard scheme – introduction, main body, and conclusion if you aren’t ready for something completely original and creative. In order to focus on some particular things, you may write down the keywords that cover new ideas and the most crucial characteristics to reveal and try to figure out logical connections between them. The keywords united in groups constitute the basis for future paragraphs, thereby clarifying the structure of the text.

Count your numbers

Before starting the writing process senior and former students with more experience recommend determining the number of paragraphs based on the initial structure. To clearly see what the size of your paragraphs should be you may divide the average number of words specified in the requirements by the paragraphs’ number. In this way, you know what approximate word limits per paragraph you can present your opinion. Undoubtedly, certain deviations may take place, but still, you will have a certain benchmark.

Check the paper yourself and ask the friend to do it also

As soon as you’ve finished writing your essay you shouldn’t hurry and immediately revise it. Your brain is tired, that’s why you need change type of activity for a while, after that your concentration will be back to normal. The best option is to sleep on the paper, but if you are on a deadline and do everything, as usual, at the last moment, then make a break at least on 15-30 minutes. Ask your friend for help, because he or she, as a reader, may take a fresh look at the paper and indicate errors and inaccuracies in the content.

Publish your essay

If your tutor well appreciated your efforts, what’s about sharing the essay with a wider audience? There is a plenty of possible ways to present your paper, and a student conference is one of them. You will probably have to refine and format your material before submitting it to the conference, but still, your basis is already created. You will be able to get a professional feedback and communicate with representatives of academic circles. Besides, a section on publications is a great bonus to your CV.

The academic style method

If you are going to write a paper, you need to know what an academic style is. That is not the case when you simply write long sentences, but they have no common sense. It must be logical and objective – keep that always in your mind. The main advice is not to start your work with the words “I think..”, which always can be noticed in any newbie paper.

The main idea of such style is to go through the deep analysis of your topic and make critical statements, instead of fulfilling your pages with your own opinions or feelings. That is also important to remember if you were asked to write reflective assignment. In this case, you need to analyze again with the additional help of your own thinking critique. In order to improve your future assignment, there is a good method: start to search for evidence and make a plan of related arguments with critical thinking. These arguments must support your main idea and topic. If you feel like there is lack of supportive arguments, you need to pick a different theme.

It must be precise and cautious

Try to use specific evidence in order to support your arguments or claims. Do not forget that such evidences should be referenced from academic and trustworthy sources (not wikipedia for sure). If you don’t have a strong evidence to support any of your arguments, then try to avoid generalizations. The example is simple: instead of using “All Americans are lazy workers”, try to change for ‘Unlike some other work cultures, American workplaces don’t expect workers to complete unpaid over work hours’. Your main points must be supported by evidence and you are welcome to use cautious sentences to show how confident you are about these points.

Discipline-specific terms to be used in an academic style

In order to make your work better, you can use special terms for your discipline. This can be a good sign for your professor that you are making progress on the weekly readings. The improvements to use: underline the terms you want to use for your topic. You may not use all terms for the specific topic, but later you will see which the best to explain your key points are.

What is not an academic style

The main trick behind your successful assignment is to avoid wordy or confusing moments. That is why you need to write in Plain English; however, some scientists do not support the idea of an academic style that is not a reason for you to boost academic skills.

Grammar Tips for Excellent Writing

There are many factors that determine how this or that text will be evaluated. Compliance with the rules of grammar is a compulsory point for any type of writing, as it indicates hoe educated is the author. In modern English there are many tricky questions, and they confuse not only those, who study English as a foreign language, but also native speakers. Some of the below tips may be known to you, but about some you could not even guess.

Who and whom

rankly speaking, linguists still argue about the rules of their use, but we aren’t scholars, and our task is much easier – correctly use them in speech. You can draw a certain parallel between whom and him, both pronoun end with m, that’s why when you have some doubts whether use who or whom, try to hypothetically replace the answer with he or him.

Spaces after period

Until recently most people used two spaces after a period, but today situation has changed. A few style guides, in particular the Chicago Manual of Style, the US Government Printing Office Style Manual, and the AP Stylebook, recommend using one space after the period.

Alright and all right

Two options, but one meaning – a perfect description for this issue. “Alright” is a common variant that has become widespread due to the impact of social networks. If you want to make your text look more solid and professional, you should use “all right”.

E.g. and i.e

Both expressions have Latin origin. E.g. or exempli gratia in Latin is used when you want to say “for example.” I.e. or id est means “in other words”, and it is used to introduce a further clarification.

Compliment and complement

The easiest way to keep in mind the difference is to make an association. Compliment is always associated with pleasant words and approval, that’s why I like to give/get compliments. Compliment always includes I, while complement includes e that is also in set and crew.

Affect and effect

No doubts, this is one of the most frequently requested topics. Keep in mind that in most cases affect is a verb, and effect is a noun.

Systemic or systematic

Despite the fact that these two words relate to “system”, their meanings are different. “Systemic” relates to things that occur or exist throughout a whole system. “Systematic” covers thing that take place according to some plan or timetable.

Done and finished

At school students are taught not to use “done” in the sense of “finished.” To be honest, there is no single rule prohibiting them from being used interchangeably, that’s why you are free to choose what you more.

Deep-seeded or deep-seated

The only correct variant is deep-seated. Confusion is associated with a historical change in the meaning of the word “seat”.

Farther and further

“Farther” includes “far” and concerns physical distance. Further also refers to distance, but in figurative and metaphorical sense.

Anyway or anyways

Only anyway is correct, although today we often see people who use anyways.

On accident or by accident

In reference books “on accident” is considered as an error, but we may talk about age differences in the use. Modern users under 40 prefer “on accident”, and those who are older give preference to “by accident”.