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Writing Tips

This category dedicates to all possible advices and recommendations for academic writing and students who searching for a helping hand and extraordinary ideas. Here we are posting articles of our writers and tending to find actual themes that at the same time can be burning issues in world society.

Writing Guide How to Complete Perfectly a Problem Solution Essay
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10 Useful Steps How to Write a Problem Solution Essay Agree, today we’re living in the world full of many problems but there are so few solutions for them. Yet people try to offer some possible decisions to these issues that you can find in office memos, policy papers, op-eds or problem-solution essays.

How to cite in an essay: what MLA and APA are
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Citing an essay: getting acquainted with MLA and APA It doesn’t matter if you are just a high school student or you are already a professional writer: you should be able to cite the sources you use with a specific style of formatting. Two most popular and commonly used in citing styles are MLA and […]

10 Popular Tricks Used by Students to Make the Paper Longer
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10 Easy Tips How to Make Your Essay Longer Many students often face such situation when they’re writing a school paper and deadline is approaching but they still haven’t achieved their teacher’s required page count. Agree, being nowhere near the page limit, make everyone to get a little bit disappointed. In this case, for some […]

How to Complete a Top-Notch Research Essay
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Writing Tips How to Complete a Research Essay Effectively Research Essays are often required in the colleges, high schools, and graduate schools, but they are not common in the middle schools. If you are a typical student, you’ll definitely sooner or later face with an assignment of researching the topic and fulfilling an impressive paper […]

10 Best Tips How to Write an Impressive GRE Essay
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Top 10 GRE Essay Tips to Improve Your Score Most students consider the GRE Essay as the most stressful assignment ever, but it’s not so difficult as it seems. The GRE usually consists of two essays the Issue and the Argument and they should be accomplished before the Quantitative and Verbal parts are attempted. These […]

Main 5 Tips for a Novel Writing
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Top 5 Lessons for a Debut Novelist Did you know that some of the most famous and beloved writers around the world did not have any professional education? Ray Bradbury finished only middle school; Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a pilot but remained in history as a writer; Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte neither had any […]

The Nightmares of Modern Editors
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Editor’s Fears – Things Editor Are Afraid of Being an editor you deal with various clients and orders. Unfortunately, very often editors have to face people and things that make them exhausted, nervous or annoyed, but such situations are typical for any profession. In this article, we will try to show you the life of […]

How to Make the Academic Writing Process a Little Bit Easier
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Several Steps to Successful Academic Writing Writing an academic paper is always stress for students especially for freshmen, but everything is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. Students deal with academic writing all the time, that’s why sooner or later you will get used to such rhythm of life, but you […]

How to write in an academic style?
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The academic style method If you are going to write a paper, you need to know what an academic style is. That is not the case when you simply write long sentences, but they have no common sense. It must be logical and objective – keep that always in your mind. The main advice is […]

Writing Grammar Tips for Everyone
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Grammar Tips for Excellent Writing There are many factors that determine how this or that text will be evaluated. Compliance with the rules of grammar is a compulsory point for any type of writing, as it indicates hoe educated is the author. In modern English there are many tricky questions, and they confuse not only […]

How to write a essay scholarships
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How to write a essay scholarships: useful tips An essay is a very tricky task to do. Some people simply cannot express their thoughts on a small piece of paper because that means to be creative. Everything you write down reflects your own personality. That is why you need to be fully prepared to make […]