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How long is a 1000 word essay?

How long is 1000 word essay?

Well, it is pretty tough to answer because it usually depends on a bunch of things (and your inspiration firstly). However, you should not be scared – a thousand words is a relatively short essay in comparison to, for instance, dissertation, that consists of 12000 words or different university assignments the length of which can reach 5000 words. (more…)

In a conclusion passage you give a short summary to what you wrote in your work. In order to create a killer conclusion, figure out the key point of your essay and make sure it was included. Compared to introduction part, the conclusion paragraph starts with specific thing and moves to the general one – and you should keep that in mind. (more…)

Best SAT essay tips: be the winner in your group

Writing a SAT essay, your job consists in reading carefully a given text (usually this is a speech or some sort of editorial) and then discussing it in your essay: namely, how the author builds an argument. Even if you did not have any practice in it when you were at school, do not worry: the format of the essay is straightforward, so with some practice you will learn how to make up an impressive SAT essay. (more…)

How to cope with process analysis essay: best tips

Let’s get started with the definition to fully realize what you need to achieve. This type of essay is written to describe how a thing is performed or done, or how something occurred. There can be two process essay examples: narrative and directional. (more…)

How to Make Your Exemplification Essay Really Impressive

You’ve completed the main three types of essays such as descriptive, narrative and argumentative and eventually, you may breathe a sigh of relief but no such luck. Now, you are assigned to write an Exemplification Essay, and you’re a little bit baffled. Don’t panic! (more…)

Helpful Tips for Best Classification Essay

What is actually a Classification Essay?

A Classification Essay is written by organizing or sorting things into specific categories. When performing the classification paper, it is important to pick the topic that may be dissected into smaller or more determined groups that all belong to the topic’s classification. (more…)

Rhetorical analysis essay step by step: easy tips

Many students when choosing the test in high school ambitiously decide taking AP English. And this test requires from you to write three different types of essays one of which is rhetorical analysis essay. It is a big chance that you even never heard of it, and obviously never worked on it. (more…)

Basic tips on how to write a personal essay

Usually it goes like this: it is your first day back to school, you are on your English class and the teacher gives you the task to write a personal essay. But how? And for what? The reason is that a personal essay gives your teacher an opportunity to check such of your skills as language, creativity and composition. (more…)

Synthesis Essay: it will not hurt writing 🙂

Before we start discussing great ideas and themes for creating your first synthesis essay example, it is good to understand what is a synthesis essay, right? You might think it is a kind of argumentative essay but there is a key difference – you are provided with the sources which you need to use to support your argument. Do not make a mistake just summarizing the sources. (more…)

How to Put Professionally a Quote into Your Essay

Students very often hear from their teachers that their research papers should include quotations. These are usually someone else’s precise words around those you need to put quotation marks. It seems to you so easy to do but is it really so, let’s find out. (more…)

Urgent help for your essay: how to title an essay

How many times you opened a Facebook post or article and scrolled down just because you did not like its title? Despite the fact that we need to read something completely before formulating the final opinion, the essay title does matter. Of course, in most cases you are already provided with a specific title and you just have to follow it. (more…)

MLA Style belongs to the guidelines appointed by the Modern Language Association for writing essays. It tells you how to provide your headings for any type of essay where MLA Style is required. These guidelines also help students structure other parts of the paper, including headers and title as well. (more…)