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Writing Tips

This category dedicates to all possible advices and recommendations for academic writing and students who searching for a helping hand and extraordinary ideas. Here we are posting articles of our writers and tending to find actual themes that at the same time can be burning issues in world society.

Tips How to Write a Successful Introduction to an Essay
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“Without a good introduction, your paper will fall flat!” Introduction definition The introduction is an integral part of any essay that always comes in the beginning. The main function of your Intro is to make a great first impression on your readers and introduce the main arguments and points, which you develop in your writing. […]

How to Write an Explanatory Essay
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Only victors write the history. Although every story, situation, topic or a single event can be viewed from different aspects, depending on the chosen approach. It is hard to just ruin some ideology or change the generally accepted way of thinking. However, you can do it by presenting an argument supported by evidence, facts, or […]

How to Create a Top-Notch Nursing Essay
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Nursing is considered to be as one of the least academic paper in which you should demonstrate your deep knowledge on a given topic and prove that you are able to use this knowledge in practice by providing concrete examples. Before you start working on this assignment, it is vital to ensure that you understand […]

Easy Steps How to Write Successful Academic Essay
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The academic essay is not only representation of your ideas, but also some thoughts that are necessary for understanding the question. When we talk about the academic essay we know that there are certain rules that have to be followed. In this article, you will learn everything you should know to become a confident writer […]

How to Write a Perfect Analytical Essay
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Students are very often assigned to complete an analysis essay in college or university. They might be asked to analyze a movie, a book, a research paper and provide persuasive arguments for any theme of their choice. If the professor still decided to give you such an interesting task, then this writing guide will help […]

Useful Advice to Write an Extended Essay
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Most students become frightened when they hear about an extended essay, but generally there`s nothing difficult here. An extended essay is a thesis which consists of 4,000 words, and it`s similar in some aspects to a synthesis essay. You should write it under the supervision of one of your professors and this thesis is important […]

Tips to Create a Successful MBA Admission Essay
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Choosing a higher educational establishment is always a challenge, you are to consider all the pros and cons. You are to take the application to MBA seriously, paying much attention to your admission essay, as the rules there have become stricter like in any other college or school. You should show your life in the […]

4 Most Popular Types of Essay Writing Styles
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While studying at school or university, you’ll definitely be assigned to complete one of the four main types of essay. Most students usually face certain difficulties when it comes to these academic papers. The main reason of this is that they have no imagination how to do it properly. It would be good for you […]

Best Ways to Write Creative Essay
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Creative essay is the most interesting type of essay students can face in a high school or college. This type of essay belongs to narrative essays and gives the students an opportunity to express all their emotions, thoughts, and ideas on the paper.  It stretches your imagination and is very different from the analytical or […]

How to Complete a Research Paper to Succeed
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What is a research paper? There exist many essay types, and a research paper belongs to one of them. In some general terms, a research paper can be described as an academic writing which is based on some research conducted by a writer with all the analysis and interpretations. All research findings should also be […]

Useful Guide on How to Create an Excellent Death Penalty Essay
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A Death Penalty Essay – Helpful Writing Tips A proper essay structure it is the first thing you should pay attention to. You are required to follow the clear five-paragraph structure while writing the paper. It is necessary to provide a striking introduction that should include a thesis statement with the last “hook” sentence that […]

How long is a 1000 word essay?
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How long is 1000 word essay? Well, it is pretty tough to answer because it usually depends on a bunch of things (and your inspiration firstly). However, you should not be scared – a thousand words is a relatively short essay in comparison to, for instance, dissertation, that consists of 12000 words or different university […]

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